Serious Centauress Art: By The Bay

Art by Jon V. Jones. A link to Mr Jones’ webpage is in Centaurica Links.


May 8, 2012 · 8:27 PM

3 responses to “Serious Centauress Art: By The Bay

  1. John Hardman

    The strong,feathered-hoof,cob or draught-horse component of the centauress makes for an erotic image that could have done with looking more animated, less static.

    • Jon Jones specializes in portrait-style paintings of mythical creatures. Thus, not much action. He is very enamored of centauresses. The only complaints I have with his work is he paints far too few male centaurs and, of them, the proportions aren’t quite to my liking. I prefer centaurs that have torsos that are as wide as their hinds. Just about no humans other than speed skaters have lower bodies that are dramatically larger than their torsos. I prefer centaurs to be that way, too. Just a question of taste.

      Thanks for commenting, John.



  2. Steve

    A beautiful paint centauress. She can catch me easily, but her beauty and powerful romantic female energy which she projects, makes it much easier
    for her to catch me.

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