Centaurica Fiction: Coptaur: Chapter 11: Shifty Stranger

The Palamino Archer

Centaurica Fiction: Coptaur: Chapter 11: Shifty Stranger

“He’s approaching the bridge now.”

Augie had the disarming habit of announcing things without any preamble. As if Shay had the same mechanical sensitivities the android had been programmed with. Shay wondered if there were a way to adjust this quirk in his mechanical partner’s make-up.

 “Geez, I wish you wouldn’t do that, Augie. I’m not psychic. Who’s approaching the bridge?

“The fae shifter.”

 “Could I have a little more information about this individual than a description that means nothing to me, eh?”

“Yes, Sir. My apologies, Sir.”

Augie had taken up the habit of referring to Shay as “Sir” whenever the two were attending to business, even when no other taur was anywhere within earshot. Shay didn’t mind being treated with respect, but found it odd to hear himself addressed so formally when mere hours before the partners had been sealing that partnership with hot sex play.

 “The individual in question appears as a centaur. Factually, he is a fae who has developed the skill of shape shifting. He uses his centaur shift as his primary form. I would suggest that we act as though we are not aware of his abilities. It is hard to know from this distance what his intentions for his visit to Taur Prairie are. Once he is within immediate range I will do a subtle scan. Hopefully, this will give us enough information to have a successful interaction.”

“Your abilities never fail to amaze me, Augie. They’re an invaluable asset.”

“I am designed with your pleasure in mind, Sir.” Augie made a less-than-subtle wink.

 Shay paused a moment and look hard at the fine creation that accompanied him on his rounds.  No one in Taur Prairie other than himself knew the beautiful beast wasn’t a real taur. The workmanship was flawless.

Now Augie was proving his worth by discovering the secret identity of another faux taur. Shay wondered how Augie was able to scan the creature from such a distance and know it wasn’t any more a real centaur than his android self. Sometimes concentrating on the reality of Augie’s fabricated condition made Shay a little crazy. It was hard for him to reconcile the fact that he was falling for a machine.

Mechanical construction or not he knew there wasn’t anyone else he would want as his assistant. An internal whinny broke his concentration.

 Calm down, big fella. You are far more than an assistant to me, Sunny. After all, we’re inseparable.

Shay sensed that Sunny wanted to remind him how things were before he got so attached to an “outside” interest.

You like Augie, don’t ya?

Stone silence.

Sunny, you’re not jealous are ya?

Here Shay was forever bonded to his earth-plane equine partner and he never gave the bonding a second thought since he started focusing his life and purpose on the constabulary of Taur Prairie. Poor Sunny was literally “along for the ride” and found himself just as subservient to his human master as he had been on Earth. Only, in their current condition, the bonding was so close and so comfortable for “Mr. Control” that he’d forgotten about the needs of his true life partner. He’d never cleared his desire for Augie with the true possessor of his equine staff. Now he sensed that Sunny was going to withhold his part of the bargain if Shay didn’t wise up fast.

Come on Buddy, aren’t things already complicated?

Shay intuited in a furious flash that he either learned to satisfy Sunny or he’d never be satisfied. No flags flying. No pennants for this pride parade.

Just when he was beginning to feel at ease with his sexuality along comes a reminder of his fuzzy past. He wasn’t in control of anything. Everything on this plane relied on complete cooperation, even his ability to experience orgasm. 

What a time to wake up to this truth. Just as he’s wrapping his mind around loving the amazing android assistant he finds he has to come to terms with his fleshly co-inhabitant. His body buddy had a fifty percent share of this enterprise and wasn’t going to let Shay ignore that reality.

Sundowner, the strong and silent type, had found his voice and it was an angry one. Like a hoof to the skull Shay felt a profound impression working inside his head to shake things up. From now on any relationships he had would be three-ways. Oddly enough, he realized that his was a tripartite existence: One part human, one part horse and one body centaur. The belief he had that he was totally centaur and his past as a mounted policeman was a distant memory was suddenly exposed as a lie.

Why I’m no more a real centaur than Augie or this shifter were about to meet. I look the part but how can I actually accept and act the part without being born this way?

Sunny whinnied as if to say that was exactly what he’d been wondering.

The visitor had made it to the end of the town’s sole street. Shay noted that he was an impressive figure. But then Shay felt that all male centaurs were impressive. Even faux taurs like him.



Copyright 2013 by G. W. German. All Rights Reserved.

This work of fiction may not be reproduced in any form without the express permission of its author.


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4 responses to “Centaurica Fiction: Coptaur: Chapter 11: Shifty Stranger

  1. Max

    I just found this site while sifting through the interwebs for centaur images and I wanted to say I am really enjoying your writing and the links you have posted here. Thank you!

    • Centaureg

      Hi Max,

      I am glad to hear you like the blog and my fiction. Thanks.

      I am sorry to inform you that this blog is no longer operating at WordPress as anything more than an archive.

      I am currently blogging at http://centaureg.tumblr.com

      Just a little ‘heads up’: “Coptaur” was never finished and I doubt it ever will be.


      • Max

        Hey Greg,

        I understand. I’ve had a lot of my old writing projects that I simply stopped working on a while back. A lot of other things managed to get in the way somehow, some important, some not, and I haven’t quite managed to clear all that cruft away.

        That said, I want my creativity back in one way or another. I consider this page a whole lot of inspiration. Thanks for assembling it 🙂

      • Centaureg

        You are welcome, Max. Greg

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