Centaurica: The Further Adventures of Major Winn

Centaurica: Major Winn Tours Centaurica

Centaurica appears to have many mountain ranges, but fortunately for the weary traveler there are many well laid trails.

Centaurica: Overlooking The River Valley

It will take days to cross the valley and he suddenly finds himself insatiably hungry and not just for sustenance.

Centaurica: Near The Mountain of Echoes

Major Winn encounters what at first he mistakes for a mere reflection. But in the shadow of the Mountain of Echoes there is more unusual magic than he can fathom.


Centaurica: Me and My Shadow

In dumbfounded awe Major Winn meets his match. And a formidable fellow he is, too.


Stay tuned for the Further Adventures of Major Winn in Centaurica!


Art by G. W. German

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September 9, 2013 · 10:04 AM

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