Accepting, Grudgingly, The Way Things Are

wrong way round

If you start seeing ads embedded in my posts:

1:) I am not receiving revenue from these imposed commercials.

2.) I do not endorse anything being sold through these ads.

3.) WordPress has chosen this method to fund its service. I could pay for an ad free upgrade but I will not do so.

4.) It is entirely at your discretion how you respond to these promotions.

5.) I am not pleased by this development. I realize this is merely a harbinger of things to come. Media is always a whore to some degree and money makes our crazy world go round, unfortunately. It is what it is.

6.) I appreciate having the use of WordPress and if this venture keeps the boat afloat I will not work to sink it.

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September 15, 2013 · 1:36 PM

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