Serious Character Art: ThunderHoof Ho!

Centaur by Triple Torch Art


Art by Triple Torch


November 3, 2013 · 12:45 PM

2 responses to “Serious Character Art: ThunderHoof Ho!

  1. Yasha

    I’m sure that you have seen that Thunderhoof has had a ton of art done of himself. Some of it excellent, some… not so much. It might be interesting to ‘interview’ this beefy taur…

    • Yes, I know this character so well that immediately on seeing the art I knew who it was for. Like you say some of the commissioned art is excellent while other pieces are way less so.
      I think Aether718 must be independently wealthy like Dinosaur Prince. Having commissions done is usually not cheap. However, this very nice piece was done for a quite inexpensive $10.
      It would probably be a good idea to interview Aether718 about ThunderHoof or maybe the character speaks for himself.

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