Centaur Humor: Taur Pants

Grant's Pants by Inonibird

Art by Inonibird


December 5, 2013 · 11:58 PM

3 responses to “Centaur Humor: Taur Pants

  1. Hmmmm….I wonder how he managed to get his hind legs, let alone is forelegs, into the pants? 🙂 While I chuckled at this, it did make me wonder. If you have a world where centaurs are real, would there be an acceptable amount of “nudity” that is simply ignored by centaurs and humans alike?

    • I would hope that centaurs wouldn’t be as ridiculously averse to their natures as humans are. And I like the idea of a world were centaurs are real and no humans exist at all. Then the centaurs would never have to concern themselves with human proprieties.

  2. Luci-fer

    I find this really, really distasteful. A centaur would not wear denim blue jeans. Especially non-branded ones like the ones depicted above. If he was going to wear jeans they would be Levis. Or Diesel.

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