Serious Centaur PM: The Rearing Stallion

Centaur Rearing by Lady Lithia

The first serious centaur photo-manipulator I found online was a person who went by the name, Lady Lithia. At one time there was a site with extensive examples of Lithia’s work, but it was taken down long ago. Nowadays, I seldom see the work at all. Here is a fine example of the wonderful work Lady Lithia once did.


January 10, 2014 · 4:26 PM

2 responses to “Serious Centaur PM: The Rearing Stallion

  1. Lady Lithia was one of my favorite artists. I, too was sad to see her works disappear. I think my favorite work of hers involved a stunning white stallion cresting a hill, the man part being tanned, ripped, with dark flowing locks. I was in love. Thank you for sharing this gem.

  2. joseph

    I miss her work alot. I have some of her artwork saved but its not all of it. Her work is still breath taking 10 years after it was made

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