Centaur Scene: World In Motion Slavetaur

November 3, 1982 at Disney's Epcot Center: World of Motion displaycot-Scan1637-Lynne

It appears the young lady has this centaur stud up for the auction block or she just likes treating him like her pet poodle.

This interesting image taken at Disney’s Epcot Center in 1982 is courtesy of loyal reader, JosephR.


January 12, 2014 · 8:22 PM

2 responses to “Centaur Scene: World In Motion Slavetaur

  1. Paul (Chiron)

    It was at EPCOT, it was called The World Of Motion, and it was replaced by Test Track in 1999. The woman has buck teeth, and the centaur can’t stand to look at her. The show was created by Ward Kimball, one if Disney’s “Nine old men.” I worked on the attraction, and actually got to meet Ward very briefly. Somewhere I have a photo or two myself.

    Oh, the white section of the vase was a rear projection screen, and it had an animation of a silhouette of a centaur walking.

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