Centaur Love: The Relationship

Shingeki No Centaur II by Tetris Fan

Art by Tetris Fan


January 24, 2014 · 3:14 PM

2 responses to “Centaur Love: The Relationship

  1. I congratulate the artist on producing probably one of the most moving pieces of centaur art I’ve ever seen. The technique is simple yet startling. The centaur and man have known each other since they were colt and boy (and strangely enough, the facial features hint at their being brothers–or closely related). The centaur has always been there, as a teacher, companion, and guardian. There is a bond that can never be broken, and a friendship that needs no words to be spoken.

    • It is amazing how much can be conveyed in a simple multi-paneled comic. This is an excellent example of picture storytelling. Quite moving actually.

      Thanks for commenting, James.


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