Adult Material Warning!: Two Centaurs

Two Centaurs by Mahlon Blaine

Art by Mahlon Blaine


February 7, 2014 · 11:01 AM

6 responses to “Adult Material Warning!: Two Centaurs

  1. A fine image:centaur-sex is the ultimate in fantasy image-creation and one always wants to see more than one gets in the mingling of human and brute features.It would be a novel thing, perhaps, to point up a contrast between the more human aspects of the coupling-the ‘lovers’ tenderly kissing and stroking-and the rawness of their horse-bodies’ simultaneous,desperate, awkward,struggling to mate, emphasising the size and strength of the hindquarters (etc.), the pluming tails…tenderness at one end, bestial copulation at the other. Some artists have conveyed the brutal animal passion (the biting, breast-fondling) of the moment but have ‘copped-out’ on the greater carnality of the mounting and penetration-why go half-way?: maybe it’s easier to visualise than to bring off (I’m no artist) and convincing,realistically-proportioned,centaurs are a rarity, anyway, whatever the context. J.H.

    • It may be a case of the Uncanny Valley:
      Here we have a depiction of liminal yet sentient beings engaged in a very intimate, and as you put it, “carnal” act (such an understatement, I know). They are so much like “us” and yet so different as to initiate a pause in the human psyche. On one hand we take guilty pleasure in the obvious voyeurism, yet we don’t want to admit it that we ourselves are at best, animals, and at worst, brutes.

      • Years ago, when Centaurica was an MSN Group there were about 1500 members and some of us met infrequently through AIM to discuss the nature of centaurs. I miss those days when we would have philosophical discussions that weren’t solely about sex.

        This response to the previous comment by John Hardman made me aware that I have loyal followers who are interested in voicing their opinions on “centaur reality” as imagined by themselves.

        Perhaps, there is some chance that you and others would like to meet and talk centaurs like we did all 12 years ago.

        Let me know.

        Cheers, Greg

  2. I might take you up on that offer; however, my real interest is in comparative religion and mythology. I’m afraid I would probably bore everyone to death trying to analyze the symbolism and metaphor of not only centaurs, but any liminal being.

    • Who knows? It might be interesting for an atheist to discuss things with a guy who is into comparative religion.

      • Let’s just say that I’m a big fan of Joseph Campbell and leave it at that. 🙂 And like Campbell, I try to consider everyone’s belief system (or non-belief system) sacred. One man’s mythology is another man’s deeply held religious beliefs, and I’m neither her convert nor make anyone question whatever beliefs they hold. If you want to exchange a few emails, or perhaps start a discussion blog, than I’m all for it.

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