NSFW: Manimal TF Fiction: The Singing Stars

Mythulinity: Herp Blues by Centaureg

Art by Centaureg

Here’s an old story about what happens when your obsession carries you away to something beyond your wildest expectations.

WARNING: This is a work of homoerotic fiction. If you are either repulsed by material of this sort or are under the age of consent to be reading adult fiction, please stop reading at once.
The Singing Stars    by G. W. German
Some boys find fascination where others find fear. For Jonnie Young his fascination with snakes had become something of an obsession. It would have been easy to say that snakes were far more important to the high school senior than humans were. That wasn’t entirely true.
Jonnie’s Mom bugged him about getting out more. “It isn’t normal for a boy your age to be holed up in his room all day. I would think you were using drugs if I didn’t know better. If you don’t take advantage of this Spring break you’re Dad and I will find something more worthwhile for you to do. This is your last Summer before college. You kept your grades high, so we promised you wouldn’t have to work. We want some time to ourselves this April.” She watched Jonnie’s python wrap its smooth body around his shoulders and a knot formed in here stomach. How did she ever allow herself to believe herpetology was a good hobby for her son? “I swear, I never thought I’d be raising a snake handler.” She stared at her son to see if anything she’d said had left an impression. He just sat in his swivel chair with a bemused expression on his face. His Mom threw up her hands and left the room shaking her head and mumbling. Jonnie went back to examining his reticular python. He thought of how his Mom had finally given up introducing him to the daughters of the members of her bridge club. That was a welcome event. He didn’t have time for girls. He had time alone for reptiles. But, had he felt better about his level of attraction, he would have found time for guys. Not that his folks would have been happy about that. Snakes or trouser snakes? It was a hard call.
Jonnie had moved up the ranks from cub to boy to eagle scout. It was an organization that he had mixed feelings about. He was well aware of all the anti-gay rhetoric the group spouted even as many of its senior members were gay themselves. Still, he stuck with it because it offered him his lone opportunity to fraternize with a troop of male peers. He’d known from before entering cub scouts that he was attracted to other boys and, when the opportunity presented itself for him to meet boys he wouldn’t have known under other circumstances, he went in with gusto. His Dad had been a scout and was happy that his otherwise shy and distant child wanted to be one, too.
“Jon, I was wondering if you were going to get your final scout badges before heading of to Evergreen?” His Dad wore the pained expression of a man who had been sent on a mission not of his own choosing.
“To be honest, Dad. I hadn’t thought about. Why do you ask?”  The python was wrapped around Jonnie’s arm and inching its head towards his Dad who was slowly backing out of the room. Reptiles were another thing the two did not have in common. It was Jonnie’s science instructor, Mr. Leland, at Planck Grammar School that had encouraged his shy charge when he noticed the boy was the only one in class who held an abiding interest in snakes. “Jonnie, I was wondering if you would like to make an easy A in here?”  The toe-headed lad responded with a very subtle and cautious nod. “All you need to do is care for the gopher snake, Rufus. What do you say? You would really be helping me.”  Jonnie jumped at the chance. Perhaps “jumped” is not the right word. He smiled at Mr. Leland and the two snake-lovers shook hands.
“Well, son, your Mom and I thought it would be good for you to spend your Spring break with your scout troop. Rob Singletary tells me that the troop is headed for Canyon Lands National Park. We thought, what with your interest in reptiles and all, you might like spending some time in the desert where they live.”
“Dad, I’m not interested in indigenous species anymore. I outgrew that interest when my King Snake killed that Diamondback Mr. Leland gave me, remember?” Jonnie could tell his Dad didn’t remember the incident. There was a vacant expression on the man’s face. The kind of expression Jonnie had learned to use on his Mom. “So, Mom wants me to disappear for Spring break, right?”
“Well, not that . . . I mean she and I, well mostly she . . . “ If there were weakness to be had in the Young family here was its origin, Jonnie thought as he watched his Dad hold tight to the wooden door frame, fingers turning a bloodless gray.
“Can’t you put that snake away while I talk to you? Please.” The man was literally squirming. He had more in common with snakes then he knew. He certainly could move like one.
There was such an urgent pleading in his Dad’s voice he decided to put the poor man out of his imagined misery. “Come on, Bud, its time to know when you aren’t wanted.” The python managed to express his own bemusement as it slithered back into its tank.
“And if I do disappear for my break, what is in it for me?”
His Dad was standing straight now and had stepped back into the room. His herpephobia  had gone back to its resting place and there was some color returning to his face. His eyes kept blinking like he was preparing to issue a substantial lie. Jonnie knew he was and moved to cut him off at the pass.
“Don’t worry about it, Dad. Tell Mom there’s a Gila Monster I’ve had my eye on.”
The color bid a hasty retreat from his Dad’s face.
Spring break arrived and Jonnie found himself riding in a van across Washington, Oregon, Nevada and Utah. As usual, he kept to himself but his eyes wandered. He scoped out the chests and crotches, butts and backsides of his fellow travelers. They “oohed” and “aahed” about the scenery of a different sort. He pretended to notice bosoms when he was more interested in muscle.
 To his surprise one of his favorite people was along for the trip, Mr. Seth Leland. He hadn’t seen the man in a good five years but time had not been unkind to his former science teacher. In fact, the crush he had once had on the man was about to explode all over him again. He took the book he was reading and laid it on his lap so he could hide the result of his enraged hormones. It only took Leland’s quirky smile to set him off.
When there was a stop for gas Jonnie waited until everyone else had taken their turn in the bathroom. As he approached the single stall he saw that Seth Leland was taking his time at the urinal. In that brief instant Jonnie realized that Leland was a member of the same secret order he belonged to. He could well imagine the two of them shaking cocks in a sort of ritual homo-handshake. Jonnie headed into the stall and waited for Mr. Leland to leave before he pissed while sitting on the toilet.
Outside the quirky smile greeted him. Leland was much younger than his parents and less than a decade’s difference in age from Jonnie. He was a sexy man for a nerd. No, he didn’t possess the pocket protector and the broken black plastic framed coke-bottle lenses. He was more athletic than your average brain. And the way his slacks hugged his rounded buttocks and muscular legs proved that fact. “Well, Mr. Young, it is very good to see you. You’ve grown up. As you, no doubt, don’t need me to inform you. Still share my interest in snakes?”
Now there’s a loaded question, Jonnie thought. “That isn’t why I’m on this trip. But, yea, I still admire snakes. Have you got any at home I might like to meet?”
“I think I have one very special one I’d like to introduce you to.” Leland blushed which contrasted in an interesting way with the black stubble spread across his jaw. I can’t believe I’m talking like this with a former student. I could get in serious trouble if I’m not careful. “How old are you now, Jonnie?”
“I’m old enough. I was eighteen in February.” Jonnie smiled at Seth Leland and a satisfied spark arched between the two men. Whoa, Jonnie mused, this is a very interesting development.
“Well, you seem to have lost some of that shyness you had.”
“I guess it’s on hiatus since seeing you again, Mr. Leland.” Jonnie was flabbergasted at how forward he was becoming. What other new types of behavior might arise just because of this man’s attention?
“Glad to hear it. I wouldn’t want you to feel uncomfortable around me. And please call me Seth. Since we’re both adults now, I’d like to think we could be friends” Seth’s quirky smile split wide open into a face-broadening grin.
“That sounds like something I could easily get used to, Seth.” Jonnie eyed Seth’s grin the way his Dad admired Carly Simon. There was so much potential for as yet unknown pleasures held there.
The van trip of mutual admiration ended too fast for Jonnie. He wasn’t looking forward to trudging through the arid landscape despite how beautiful it appeared to be. He wanted an excuse to spend more time next to Seth and he knew that Seth wanted to get closer to him. Rob Singletary, “scout mastard” as Jonnie had nicknamed him years before, put an end to any ideas of blissful togetherness the two had. The big boys would be sharing tents together and Jonnie was to share a tent with two of his peers, Steven and Kevin. The Winton twins. Jonnie’s eyes rolled when he heard the announcement. The twins were seventeen but acted as if they were seven. They were most pleased making off-color jokes, fart noises and playing practical jokes. Jonnie was not pleased.
That night by the campfire the assistant scoutmaster, Ridley Reynolds AKA “Rid”, told some odd stories about the legends of the area. He told one tale that caught Jonnie’s interest and held it. The local tribes had legends regarding an ancient people who had come from where the stars sing and made their home in the canyons and caves that dotted the area. In some of the caves were ancient paintings that depicted these strange beings. Seth gave Jonnie a knowing glance when Rid began to describe the people. It seems they were quite unlike any tribes that populated the lands nearby since their time. Jonnie’s ears perked up when Rid called them “snake monsters”.
 “What exactly would a snake monster be, Rid?” Seth chided.
“I’m only relating the local legends, Seth. I didn’t say there were such things.”  Rid poked at the fire with a barbecue fork he’d used to toast franks earlier.
 “Can you describe what the Indians say these people looked like or are you just leaving it to our imaginations?” Jonnie’s curiosity was starting to run over and the Winton’s noticed.
“Well, it just so happens I have a field guide with a picture of one of the cave drawings with me. A good scout is always prepared, eh?” Rid laughed at his own joke. The others sat in stone silence.
Jonnie couldn’t believe what he was seeing on the page of the field guide. The representation was more lifelike than any cave painting he’d seen before. None of his geology books had a painting that came close to showing such an unusual creature.
 “Man, that guy has way more than a six-pack!” Kevin kidded.
 “Yea, he’s a regular Handy Andy, too!” This coming from his brother Steven.
“So the locals believe that a tribe of four-armed half-snake aliens once lived here?” Scoutmaster Rob asked, shivering.
“Not only do they believe it, but some claim to know that these beings still roam these parts. Plus, they don’t think of them as aliens but sacred dwellers who are their forefathers. The call them Kralikai Zai which some say means ‘star singers’.”
“That’s pretty creepy if you ask me. Jesus! Snake men. I hope to hell they’re just legend.” Jonnie noticed that Rob was just as big a wuss about reptiles as his Dad was.
“Well, if they are real you won’t live long to talk about it.” Rid chuckled.
“So the legend says they eat man-flesh?” Seth gave a covert wink to Jonnie.
 “I don’t know about them eating humans, but there have been a lot of unexplained disappearances locally.” Rid kept poking the fire.
Jonnie laughed to himself.
 “What’s so funny, Young?” Steven Winton demanded.
“Oh, my folks wanted me to disappear for spring break. This could be beyond their wildest expectations.”
“Now boys, don’t get carried away. . . ” Rob said with a shaky voice.
“Yes, Sir. Especially not by a Kralikai Zai!” Seth slapped Rob on the back and the guy jumped about a foot straight up.
Everyone bust up laughing. The scoutmaster regained his composure and to cover his embarrassment barked out: “It’s bed time, you clowns. We’ve got a big day tomorrow.”
Jonnie couldn’t sleep. He thought about the possibility of snakemen and it more than intrigued him. How would such a creature have evolved on Earth? They’d have to be aliens, wouldn’t they?  He got out of his sleeping bag and went to sit by the campfire. To his pleasant surprise he found Seth laying by the campfire staring up at the stars. “Couldn’t sleep, eh?  Legends got your mind working overtime?” Seth whispered.
“It’s a cool legend. Talk about ultimate reptiles.” Jonnie shook his head.
“Well, stud, it is only a legend. There is no way creatures like that could keep their existence a secret for so long. Take a look up there . . .” Seth pointed up to a patch of the night sky that seemed to be on fire with stars. Jonnie laid back opposite Seth and looked closely. A star shot across the sky. Then another larger one. “I thought the major shooting star shows were in August and September.” He half-questioned.
“If you’re in the right place there are always displays. Maybe the starsingers are making them move.”
“Why do you think they called them starsingers?”
“That is one question I can’t answer. I haven’t a clue. It sounded like the Kralikai Zai came from distant outer space. Maybe they came on a shooting star.” Seth tried to sound eerie which made Jonnie join in.
“They came from outer space. Oooweeeeoooo. Da-dum-dum. Strange beings from a distant galaxy. They had one purpose: To conquer our unsuspecting planet. They would make us their slaves. Remember, when you look into the depths of space, we are not alone! Dum-da-dum-dum!”
 Seth giggled. “Our very own Orson Welles.”
“Who the hell is Orson Welles?” Jonnie asked.
“Oh, Jon, I am disappointed. You’ve got to know Welles. You know, “Citizen Kane.”
“Nope, never heard of ‘em.  Should I have?” He pushed himself closer to Seth until the tops of their heads were almost touching.
“What about ‘War of The Worlds’?” Seth led on. “You can’t have escaped that one.”
“But that’s H.G. Wells. Is he Orson, too?”
“Well, you’re right that the story is H. G. Wells, but the radio broadcast that spooked the nation was courtesy of another man named Welles, W-e-l-l-e-s. He was also a movie director. Some critics feel that his film, “Citizen Kane”, is the best film ever made.”
“So you think I sound like this Orson guy?” Jonnie asked in earnest wonder.
“I was kidding that your little announcement was like a hokey radio presentation. That was what you were trying to achieve wasn’t it?” Seth moved just enough so their heads did touch and Jonnie felt a spark rush down to his toes. “Yea,” was all he could summon up in response.
The two men lie there under the stars until the fire burnt down and the night turned too cold. Jonnie looked up at the sky and wondered aloud, “What would it have been like to be a starsinger?”
“Keep wondering, kid. It’s a long shot that we’ll ever know.”
“Whoa. This is so cool. I love wrapping our arms together like this.”
“Not to mention our tails.”
Jonnie woke with a start. He put a hand against his leg and ran it across the goose pimples that covered it. The first rays of morning bathed the tent and to his side the twins slept soundly. They almost looked harmless lying there. Unfortunately he knew better. He freed himself from his sleeping bag and dressed for the day ahead.
The dream lingered and he could feel remnants of it playing with his senses. He wondered how it would really feel to be embracing Seth. He tried to put the idea of extra arms and tails out of his head but the memory of the dream made them seem almost tangible for brief instances. What had the Kralikai Zai been like? Jonnie paused and realized that he was thinking like they had actually existed and weren’t just a legend of the superstitious locals. He took in a lungful of the crisp air. It almost singed his lungs breathing in something so fresh and cold. The air back home never tasted so clean.
 “I wouldn’t have thought any teenage boy was an early riser but here you are challenging my assumptions as usual.”
Jonnie turned to see Seth rubbing his naked torso. He just stared. It was a pleasant surprise seeing Seth and almost a shock seeing how good he looked shirtless. His body was smooth and muscular. He had a very light tan that looked as though it were just beginning to flush his skin with a brown hue. His arm and chest muscles were rounded and full. His delts stood above his shoulders like braces for his long neck. Jonnie was impressed with the definition of his abdomen and looking at the pretty muscles made him flash on the dream for a second.
“Aren’t you cold?” Jonnie was amazed that Seth could stand exposed to the elements with no sign of discomfort. He held his arms tight to his chest and shivered.
 “I see you are. No, I feel unusually warm right now. It is as if I have always been acclimated to this place. Did you sleep at all?”
 “Yea. I got a few hours in but I woke after having an odd dream. Well, actually it wasn’t as odd as most dreams I have. It was just funny how real it felt. I don’t remember ever having a dream like this one before.”
 “Were we embracing in your dream?” Seth’s smile was timid this morning.
 Jonnie’s eyes bugged out a little. “How did you know that?”
“I think we shared the same dream. I think the Kralikai Zai legend has powerful juju.” He laughed and his eyes sparkled as they gazed into Jonnie’s astonishment. “It was like I knew what it was like to be part snake.”
Jonnie gulped. “God, Seth, I felt the exact same way. I still feel like that. What d’ya thinks goin’ on?”
Seth moved closer to Jonnie. Close enough to whisper in his ear. “I think our imaginations are very vivid and what the dream we shared really means is we want to get together. It was easy imagining being comfortable laying there wrapped up in your arms.”
 “Yea, but wrapped up in eight arms? How normal is that?”
“Dreams are seldom normal, right? Why should this one be any different?” Seth winked at Jonnie. Jonnie just shook his yellow hair.
 “What about us both having the same dream? That isn’t something I can recall ever happening to me before. What about you?”
 “No, I can’t say I’ve experienced that before either. But, I have read about it happening. Don’t let it have more significance than it really does, kid.”
“Well,” Jonnie whispered, “the next time I have a dream like that I hope I wake up in your arms.”
 The two turned on hearing a rustling behind them. Scoutmaster Rob was up. “Hey you two what are you just standing there for? We need a fire started for breakfast. Jon you need to get some fresh water, run it through the filter and boil it. Come on guys. Chop chop. I’ll go wake the rest of these sleeping beauties.”
“We will definitely be talking more about this later, o.k. ?” Seth gave an affectionate slap to Jonnie’s shoulder. Jonnie nodded in agreement and then the two separated reluctantly to go about their chores.
“Alrighty then. Today were gonna get to know the lay of the land. Each tent will form a group with one adult. So, let’s see . . . Rid? Where are you Rid? I don’t suppose you’d like to grace us with your presence?”
“Right here, Rob, just packing up the supplies for the day. Wouldn’t want to come back to an empty camp, eh?” Rid’s smile was sheepish and didn’t seem to support the cocky question.
Rob ticked off something on his clipboard. “Okay. Rid you go with tent number two. That’s the twins and Jon there. Seth, you’re with tent three. Larry, Josh and Damon.” Another tick. “I’m with tent four, Kenny, Dave and Scott.” A last tick and he held the clipboard at his side.
The boys settled in with their group leaders. “Now listen up. I have maps here of the area we’re exploring today. Everyone needs to choose a navigator and stick together. I don’t want any lost scouts on my watch. Got it?” Rob looked around to see that there were no confused expressions. “We all need to be prepared for the elements. This isn’t like walking through Sheffield Park. The trails are well-marked but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy hike. Plus, there are animals and insects out here that we need to watch out for and be careful of. Under no circumstances are any of you to bother the local flora and fauna. You here that Kevin and Steve? I’ve seen some of the b. s. you guys pull at home. Don’t let it happen out here.”
The twins winked and elbowed each other. “Sure thing Mr. Singletary.” They chimed in unison.
Jonnie pawed the sandy red dirt with his boot and made a silent prayer. It was at that point that Rob Singletary decided to be extra stupid. “Jon, it’s your responsibility to make sure these two stay in  line.” Jonnie cringed when he heard that. Now the twins had their excuse to make his life a living hell. “And don’t forget your first aid kits. You never can tell when you might need ‘em.”
Steven Winton sidled over to Jonnie and hissed, “Yea Young, you never can tell.” The twins laughed low and hard.
Jonnie bit his lip and thought: Oh shit, the fun begins. He could see Seth out of the corner of his eye. His friend gave him a shy thumbs-up.
The weather got warm fast. There was a slight wind and wisps of clouds held white like sheer curtain panels against the intense blue sky. Everywhere else Jonnie looked was orange-red and sage green. This was starkly beautiful country. The kind of habitat certain types of snakes were to be found in. Jonnie wasn’t thinking so much about reptiles. His mind was still trying to decipher what the dream meant and if there might be any truth to the legends he’d heard last night. A creature with multiple arms and the tail of a snake would have frightened most guys his age. Having loved reptiles for years, Jonnie found himself fascinated with what others would call a monster. Anything that big would have to be strong and agile, too.
Jonnie’s  Kralikai Zai reverie was short-lived. “Hey Young, I’ll bet you’d like to keep your eyes locked on me and Steven, eh? At crotch level.” Kevin snickered.
 “Geez, Winton, get a grip. Do you know just how sick you are?”
“Ooo, I’m sure you can tell me all about sickness, faggot. We’ve seen you chumming up to Sethboy.” Kevin used his fingers to push a single digit through an ‘O’ he made with his other hand. Steven joined in by sticking his tongue in his cheek, making groaning noises and mumbling, “Woh, Set”.
 “Gee friendship must be a novel concept to you, Winton. But then who needs friends when you’ve got a clone fuck buddy?”
“I think it’s time we showed you the error of your ways, perv.” The twins moved in on Jonnie like vultures on a carcass. Jonnie pulled back and managed to join Rid at the lead. “So Rid, just where are we headed to?”
 He looked back to see the Twins with sick grins gashed across their weasel faces. They were making gestures with their fingers crossing their necks.
As the hike progressed it became clear to Jonnie that Rid was way too preoccupied to be his protector. Besides the guy wasn’t all that formidable at what Jonnie guessed was five-foot-six and one hundred thirty pounds. If anything, Rid looked like the younger brother of the rest of them. So, rather than keep his eye on the twins, he kept his distance from them. This was fairly manageable until they came to a narrow canyon.
 “Say, Rid, is this the way or are ya jus’ tryin’ to force us to get in line?” Steve asked in his most sarcastic tone.

 “No, Steve, this isn’t the way. I just thought we’d take a more dangerous shortcut.” Rid shot right back to him.
Now they were cramped together walking in a single file within inches of each other. The sandstone walls of the tight canyon pushed them into awkward positions. They had to maneuver sideways, then crouched, then crawling and up and down as if they were being squeezed through a very serpentine pipeline. Jonnie wasn’t happy about the situation. The further from the twins the better. It was almost impossible not to bump into the person in front of you and, since Jonnie was now last in line, he kept bumping into Kevin Winton whenever the guy stopped abruptly.
 “Keep yer hands off me, faggot.” Kevin hissed like he was a tire deflating.
“Don’t worry, weaselboy. If there were any water around here I’d be washin’ off your stink.”
Kevin couldn’t turn to stare down Jonnie so he farted instead. “Geez, asshole, you think you could keep the gas for later. We may need it to start a fire.”
 “I’m surprised you aren’t sniffing it up big time, Nancy.”
“Hey, Winton, you think you could start acting your age for a nanosecond. Fart again and I’ll make you regret it.” Jonnie was surprised that Rid had balls enough to threaten either of the twins. They towered over him. Despite their tall and lanky frames, both were adept at wrestling. They were on the team at school and Jonnie was sure they’d been taking each other down to the mat for years. The only things Rid had going for him were his fireplug thick body and a low center of gravity. The twins could easily outmaneuver him. They were all legs and arms.
Jonnie dropped back from Kevin’s backside. He wasn’t going to let the pig’s flatulence get him again. The group came to a widening in the canyon. It was shaped like a bowl and there was brown water collected to one side of it. Some struggling ferns grew out of the rocks where water trickled down. Just hearing the sound of the water made Jonnie need to piss. He waited till the others passed through the area and relieved himself. It felt good to empty his bladder. He imagined what it would be like pissing on the twins and laughed to himself. He looked ahead and couldn’t see the group. As much as he didn’t want to spend more time with the twins he knew he had to stay with the group. It would be a stupid thing to get separated and lost.
“Yow!” Jonnie screamed and reflexively reached down to his calve. A searing pain shot through the leg muscle.
“Damn. What happened?” He reached down to pull up his pant leg and realized he couldn’t get the tight material over his calve. He had to drop his pants instead. He looked down to see that there were two deep wounds in his leg about the width of a mouth apart. “Shit, I’ve been bitten.” He rubbed the area and tried to squeeze blood out of the holes in his skin. The pain was too great to allow him to do that. “What the hell could have bitten me? I didn’t see anything.” He looked around. They were no animal tracks anywhere. The only thing unusual was an area that looked as if something had moved through the water and left a trail of water across the red sand. “Way too big to be a snake.”
Jonnie started feeling very odd. He suddenly felt very weak and the skin over his entire body began to flush. He felt very warm. His forehead broke out in beads of cold sweat. “Oh my God.” His teeth began to chatter and his heart was racing. He became extremely nauseous. He put a hand to his abdomen and the other against the canyon wall to support him. He felt too dizzy to stand. He lowered his body to the canyon floor and put his head between his legs. Then he realized that the first aid kit had gone ahead with Rid. “Fuck.” He was surprised that the group hadn’t missed him and returned searching for him. He tried to scream out a weak “Help!” and at that point Jonnie fainted.
It was pitch black that greeted Jonnie when he woke. He assumed that night had fallen hard in the canyon. He tried to move but his body still felt weak and the slightest effort made him feel queasy. He looked above to where he thought the stars should be but there was only deep darkness.
 “I wonder why they haven’t found me yet?” he asked the darkness. His mouth felt strange. His voice sounded strange to him. Unfamiliar.
 “Because they know not where you lie, brother.”
The fact that someone answered Jonnie made him almost scream in terror. The voice was close and it was an odd voice. A type of voice pattern he couldn’t recall ever hearing. He could tell that the voice had come from just above his head which meant whoever had spoken to him was very close or what? That he was having an audio hallucination or still dreaming or insane from the poison in his system? “Who are you? Where am I?”
“Be calm. It was a long passing for you and you are still weak, are you not?”
“I feel very strange. I was bitten. I think some sort of reptile bit me. I didn’t see it.” Jonnie paused and tried to understand why his speech had turned into a sea of sibilance. And why was it that whenever his tongue left his mouth he could taste the coolness in the air, the slight dampness that filled the air?
 “It is as expected. It is natural to feel so. Our God has graced you in your sleep. It has been a great while since last we welcomed a new one to our tribe.”
“What are you talking about? You aren’t making any sense. What tribe?” Jonnie tried to move again and felt his lower body was very heavy. He tried to move his feet but couldn’t feel them. This frightened him and he started to panic. He felt a cool hand on his shoulder and flinched. “What’s goin’ on?”
 “Be calm. There is no reason to be afraid. Yes, you have many new things to know. Soon I will show you. For now rest, rest.”
Jonnie wanted to struggle free from wherever it was he was lying. He wanted to escape this odd-voiced stranger who he could not see and find the others. Again he wondered why they hadn’t found him. Did it have something to do with the feud he was having with the Wintons? They couldn’t be that petty, could they? Yes, he thought, they not only could be but would be.
 “You must rest and feed. The blindness will end soon. Then your eyes will be healed and you will revel in your destiny.”
“So the venom blinded me? And you say it is only temporary?  How will I see to eat?”
“No worry, brother. You may feed from me. I have the food you need now.”
Jonnie almost couldn’t believe his ears. Does this guy expect me to feed on him? How? I must be misunderstanding him.
 He felt something cool brush his lips. He tried to pull back from it.
 “You must suckle on me. Without my food you will die. Open your mouth.”
“No. No. Get away from me. This is wrong. I am having a nightmare. Please leave me alone.” Now Jonnie was completely terrified. Too much weirdness was happening. He flashed on a vision of Seth and prayed that he would be found.”
“Your old people cannot find you here. This place is unknown to land-walkers. You must become calm for your own sake. I am here to help you. I am your guide to the Kralikai Zai.”
Now Jonnie felt as if a chasm had opened before him and he was free-falling a tremendous distance. He felt like the bottom had just fallen out of his reality and he was in a bad episode of “The Outer Limits” or “The Twilight Zone”. “Kralikai Zai? What about the Kralikai Zai? They are just a legend.” He tried to say the last part with conviction, but his confidence was ill-founded. His head was spinning and his stomach felt bloated. He reached down to touch it and felt something very different from the smooth skin he expected. He gasped. Then the change in his reality started to firm up. Memories started to flood his mind. The events of the night before appeared in his mind like slow-motion hyper-colored film. He tried to shake the images free from his thinking but they refused to stop clinging tight and reiterating their bizarre composition.
“I am your fellow, your brother. I am here to help you adjust. You must suckle from me to be healed. You do not want to die, do you?”
“No.” Jonnie said meekly.
 “Then drink of me, brother. Open your mouth and take of my offering.”
Jonnie felt the coolness touch his lips again. With some reluctance he opened his mouth and let whatever had been pressing his lips enter. Once the strange object entered his mouth his tongue sensed it. He found that he had a sudden desire to suck on the object. And then, he realized that what he was sucking was a cock. I’m sucking cock!  But it was different from what he imagined would happen when he sucked on Seth. This cock had a very smooth tip. So smooth it was slick, but the shaft of the cock was textured, scaly. He tried to wrap his mind around the idea that he was giving head to some sort of snake man. It was more than he could bear to believe and yet he still continued sucking. He wanted to suck. He needed to suck.
“You must take in all my seed. It will heal you. Then you will see me. I will be pleased to see your expression then.”
Jonnie kept sucking until he felt a change in the dimensions of the alien cock. He felt a great warmth spread throughout his mouth and then a bolt of sweet semen shot into his throat and he gulped it down greedily. The cum tasted good to him. It was easy to swallow something that tasted so fine. In an instant he started to feel much better. The great fog that filled his head began to lift. He could feel his muscles and the soreness was leaving them. He still felt very strange but now the strangeness felt good to him. His eyes started to recognize traces of light. As his vision cleared he could see that he was looking through something like a curtain. It made everything appear to be bathed in a very milky, opaque light. It dawned on him that there was a membrane across his eyes and that he could move the membrane back. When he did the light was so intense he had to snap the membrane shut again. After another moment he tried again. This time the light did not sting so. He was able to see around him as the blurred edge dissipated. He looked to his side and there was the owner of the voice.
The sight of such an unusual being took him aback for a second. Then he recognized that the creature was quite handsome in his serpentine way. His features were strong and friendly. His eyes were those of Jonnie’s python, Bud, back home. They had vertical pupils that were a shimmering gold-yellow against the jet black of his irises. Oddly enough the snakeman, the Kralikai Zai, had long black hair that was pulled back and braided the way that was traditional among the men of the Southwestern Indian tribes. As Jonnie looked at the snakeman he could sense a strong feeling of intimacy and bonding. To his surprise he found he was no longer frightened. The snakeman smiled at him. Jonnie smiled back as he looked at the creature’s impressive body. The wall paintings did not do this one justice. He was beautiful to Jonnie’s eyes. His skin was a golden iridescence that shone with flecks of yellow, black, orange and shades of brown. The scales that covered his body from the elongated abdomen down were brilliant and bright. They seemed to twinkle like the diamond facets of sunlight that danced across deep water. His tail was long and think. It was coiled beneath him and looked to Jonnie to be very powerful. He was almost frightened to imagine what such a reptilian tail could achieve. He could easily be squeezed to death by such a thing. Still, he sensed no danger from its owner. It could have easily made an impression in the sands like the one Jonnie had seen before he fainted. The creature had the torso of a man but no ordinary man.  His shoulders were broad with powerful deltoids supporting a long neck that reminded Jonnie of Seth, but Seth’s muscles were minor compared to this fellow. Perhaps most strange of all the snakeman’s features were his four muscular arms and his two sets of shelf-like pectoral muscles. Any weightlifter or body builder would turn green with envy at the sight of these defined beauties. The snakeman appeared as though he would have no difficulty lifting the heaviest of men. The snakeman’s abdomen made Jonnie’s eyes blur again. It seemed they went on forever. Of course, this was a trick of the lighting. They did, however, extend for what was more a sixteen-pack than any mere human six-pack development. Jonnie did not think he had ever seen so glorious a midsection. It tapered down to meet the tail and there the muscles formed thick bands one after the other. The last part of the Kralikai Zai’s body that Jonnie examined was his member. It had partially retracted into a slit in the belly of the creature. It had a conical tip that graced the top of a thick scaled shaft. It was different from what any human possessed but not displeasing in its shape and size. Jonnie would happily suck on it again if he were given the chance.
“I sense that you are not afraid of how I am.” The snakeman’s tongue darted out of his mouth when he spoke. Jonnie was surprised to see that it was not forked but appeared to be just a longer version of his own. It was not pink. It was a deep black as were the Kralikai Zai’s thin lips. Jonnie wondered why it was the snakeman’s speech was so sibilant when he didn’t have a reptilian tongue.
 He nodded at the being before him. He felt he needed to listen now so that he would understand everything that was happening.
 “It is good that you accept what you see. It will make the change easier for you. More sweet.” The creature’s eyes shone with pleasure.
“Change?” Jonnie asked in confusion.
“You have been so busy seeing me you have no eyes for yourself, brother.” The snakeman smiled. “Do you not sense your difference?”
Jonnie looked down to himself and about fainted again. It was a good thing he was lying down. If he had stood he would surely have toppled over. No wonder he’d been feeling so strange and sickly. No wonder he was unable to feel his feet before. Somehow during the night he had been transformed. He was now like the being he felt so comfortable with. The memories that he had tried to push out of his mind earlier raced back in and he was able to relive his change. He sensed across his body a strong sensual and sexual charge. He felt hornier than he’d ever felt before. He looked to his new body and, rather than being horrified at what had become off him, he found that he loved what he saw and felt. He was no longer the thin adolescent boy who had an obsession with snakes. He was now a large snakelike creature himself. He was Kralikai Zai. In excitement of recognition he ran his scaled hands down the length of his torso and, running his barbed fingers across his four large nipples, he hissed in exultation. “I am like you. How is this so?”
“Our God, Anisskhaa, took pity on you. He sensed your longing to be as we are and sent me to guide you. I was given the gift of same speech so we could be brought together. It was my venom that helped you accept form. I hope you are pleased.”
“Then the dream I shared with Seth was not just a dream?” Jonnie couldn’t stop feeling up his new form. It was exciting to be so big and strong and so much snake.
“You were called to us from afar. Your spirit sings to the stars, brother. You were meant to be of the tribe. Now you are Kralikai Zai. You have joined with me and we are brothers. I am called Szingatsai. It means “one who gives life”. You must take a Kralikai Zai name and accept your purpose. Still you must rest.” Szingatsai laughed. He knew he must sound like water dripping into a pool. How many times had he insisted Jonnie rest? But Jonnie couldn’t think of resting now as he marveled at his body. He imagined that some might say he were a monster. He would attest to their being ignorant, wrong. Whatever. It made no difference to him what humans might think. He was bonded to this snakeman and wanted to consummate that bonding.
Jonnie felt that he had power enough to make his way to Szingatsai. He just had to get used to moving such a large reptilian lower half. He moved his arms for support and pushed himself across the floor of the cave. He slithered on his hard belly, arms pulled back to his sides, until he came to Szingatsai. Then he moved his strong long torso up until his face was in front of the other snakeman’s striking countenance. The two were eye to eye. He moved his four arms around the Kralikai Zai and embraced him. Szingatsai returned the embrace matching Jonnie’s passion. Jonnie pushed his tongue into Szingatsai’s mouth and kissed him hard and long. As the two kissed Jonnie realized this was the first time he had kissed a male and he was ecstatic with the pleasure behind their union. He felt like a mass of butterflies had taken off from the depths of his innermost core, fluttered up through his throat and mouth and out into this beautiful being who had made him his equal. He felt what he could only believe was love. It was quick and overwhelming but it was not mere lust. It was love.
“My brother, you must sleep now. Tonight another joins us. You will welcome him. The gift given to you will be shared again. That is the calling. It is the pleasure we have waited to know again. Now that you are here we are ready.”  Szingatsai wrapped his great tail around Jonnie’s extremities. Jonnie could feel himself become hard in anticipation. He knew how snakes mated and how gays made love. He wanted to feel how gay snakemen would commune. “Later, my brother. We will have much time for joining and feeding. You have made my heart sing to the stars. Now rest.”
A noise woke Jonnie from his rest. He heard the sound of footsteps and could see the beam of a flashlight arching across the cave ceiling. Immediately he moved the bulk of his snake-like form over the cave floor to a place where he was able to hide behind an outcropping of rock and still view whoever was approaching. He was anxious now. His pulse increased and his heart raced. He was unable to sense if the approaching human would be friend or foe. He knew what he must do no matter the case. No human must be allowed to escape. If even one saw a Kralikai Zai they must be changed or killed. There were no options. The tribe could not take the chance of letting any human go free to spread word of their existence.
The sound of the footsteps was echoing through the cavern and its ancillary tunnels. Jonnie knew that no man would be able to find him if he were not meant to. The cavern lay far underground and there was one well concealed entrance to it. An entrance that only one called could find. He watched as the beam grew more intense and bathed the walls of the cavern with yellow-white light. Then, as if in an answer to his silent prayer, the light flickered and went out. He heard a voice cursing. The voice was familiar. “Seth.” He whispered to himself.
“Damn! Why now?” Seth asked in exasperation. Jonnie risked moving while the flashlight was deadened. He slithered across the floor and back around Seth. He could easily sense exactly where Seth stood shaking the plastic housing of the flashlight against his hand. “Come on, sucker. Work.” Seth pleaded but the light had failed. “Geez, how will I ever find my way out of here?”
Jonnie wanted to assure Seth that he was in no real danger but remained silent. He needed to do what Szingatsai had instructed. He must strike in swiftness before Seth knew of his presence. He had mixed feelings about what he was about to do. He would have wanted to offer Seth a choice. Still, he feared that Seth might choose to run to freedom and try to convince others he had seen a monster. So there would be no choice for the human. Just as he had had no choice. The change would come to Seth as it had to Jonnie, but Jonnie would be there to comfort Seth, to allay his fears.
“Fuck! What the hell . . . for Christ’s sake something bit me! Geez, what next?”
Jonnie watched as Seth moved his hand to his leg and rubbed the bite marks he had put there. “Owwww!” Seth yelled out in pain. Jonnie did not feel good about causing his friend pain but he was anxious to see how Seth would transform. He could only remember fleeting aspects of his own transformation. It would be thrilling watching Seth join his people. Seth would make a beautiful Kralikai Zai, he was sure.
He waited until Seth fainted and then carried his friend’s limp body to a place that was protected and where he could lay the man out flat and remove the clothing that would constrain Seth’s morphing body if it were allowed to stay on him. He enjoyed slowly stripping Seth and admired the man’s beautiful body. Soon it would be more beautiful. Stronger. More agile. Like his body now was. Seth moaned. Jonnie knew his friend was dreaming of his change and not realizing that the supposed dream was what was actually happening to him. Seth’s body twisted to and fro and, as it did so, the first signs of the miraculous change became apparent. Jonnie looked on in wonder as Seth’s legs fused together into one large flesh covered unit. The unit lengthened and the feet moved together to form the point of Seth’s quickly forming tail. Seth groaned again and stub like appendages shot out from below his armpits and began to form two new arms. As they descended, the chest cavity and shoulders widened while muscle grew in and Seth’s pectorals blossomed like four flattened balloons. Seth’s deltoids and neck muscles now rivaled Szingatsai’s in strength and beauty. His biceps bulged out like he had just achieved a good pump from lifting weights. Thick bands of defined muscle stretched across Seth’s new tail from his lengthened abdomen down. The change was happening very quickly. Jonnie was awed by the magical quality of such a transformation.
He looked down to see Seth’s member lengthen and thicken and change color. Szingatsai was golden there. Jonnie was an iridescent blue-green. Seth was deep indigo. Obviously, Kralikai Zai were each of different, individual coloration. Jonnie was proud that his scales and skin reflected the green of ferns, the blue of water and the purple of lupines. He laughed to himself that he was a “spring”. Seth’s skin was darkening now and scales were growing in. They were shades of deep blue, indigo, purple and violet. Though there was no light, Jonnie’s new eyes were capable of witnessing the subtle changes in the dark cavern. It was a beautiful combination and Jonnie was pleased that Seth was chosen to undergo such a brilliant coloring.
Soon the change was almost completed. Seth stretched out before Jonnie squirming as the last details of the change took effect. Jonnie was very impressed with Seth’s size and the beauty of his new body. He knew that all Kralikai Zai must share this beauty and was excited to become acquainted with the rest of the tribe. He did not know exactly how many Kralikai Zai there were but he sensed that there were not many, perhaps two or three dozen at most and that there were no females. Kralikai Zai were gay, though that term was, no doubt, unknown to them because they accepted how they related and reproduced as natural and not something to be labeled. Much of the tribe’s history and culture was coming to Jonnie through a subtle link he shared with Szingatsai that communicated to the other members of his people. Kralikai Zai could only reproduce by using their venom to transform humans and sometimes even animals such as coyotes, puma and, in ancient times, bears. Jonnie tried to visualize what the other creatures must have been like. It was easier imagining a bear with four arms than a coyote. He thought a Puma-headed snakeman might be both very fierce and sexy.
Seth would wake soon and Jonnie must be prepared for Seth’s first feeding. He hoped Seth would be easier to feed than he had been when Szingatsai offered his seed. He had found a place at the rear of the tavern where a mineral spring filled a pool. Here he went to replenish his waters. The sulphur of the pool tasted sweet to him. Even though the water was very warm, Jonnie knew to lower himself into the pool and ease the soreness in his new form. He would bring Seth here later when his blindness passed. They would make love for the first time here. The idea made him smile and a low hiss rumbled up from deep inside him. It was the sound of pleasure.
When Seth awoke Jonnie was close by. He had thought of holding Seth’s hand but did not want to frighten the new Kralikai Zai. Jonnie’s hand might feel foreign to Seth despite Seth’s hand now being the same as it was.
“Oh, Jesus, what a headache?” Seth groaned. “My stomach feels horrible.” Seth paused and Jonnie could sense that he was trying to remember where he was and what had happened to him. Jonnie remained silent for a moment while Seth regained his bearings. “I’ve got to get out of here. They’ll never find me down here.”
 “Which, believe it or not, is as it should be.”
  Jonnie watched as Seth shifted his head and tried to move his body. There was fear in his voice when he spoke.
“Jonnie? Is that you?” Seth craned his head and tried to determine where the voice had come from.
 “Yes, Seth. I am here beside you.”
“Oh, thank God you’re alive. You don’t know how worried I was. Why the hell am I speaking like this?” Seth moved his tongue around his mouth and realized it felt very unusual. “We looked for hours with no idea where you’d disappeared to. Singletary was all over the Winton Twins. When I last saw them they were crying.”
 “They deserve more than tears.” Jonnie half-kidded.
 “Why are we lisping like two big sissies?”
 “How are you feeling? Your passing was a good one.”
 “Passing? PASSING!” Seth screamed in panic. His body shook. “Am I dead? Jonnie were not dead are we?”
Jonnie put his hand on Seth’s shoulder as Szingatsai had done when he was calming him earlier that morning.
“No, no. Be calm, Seth. You must rest.” Jonnie was amazed at how fast the roles had changed and he was acting as guide to Seth when mere hours before Szingatsai had guided him. He was grateful that he was there to help Seth join the tribe. He knew he loved Szingatsai, but he also knew he would be loving Seth, too. He prayed that Seth would appreciate the gift he was given and take to the new form as readily as he had.
 “Jonnie, why are you hiding back here in this cave? What have you been doing all this time?”
Jonnie thought of how to answer Seth’s questions. The explanation would come to Seth as soon as he was able to see again. Still, Jonnie did not want to cause his friend unnecessary concern. Soon Seth would need to feed and for that he must remain calm and focused.
“Jonnie? Am I dreaming?” Seth began to whimper. He was close to crying. “Are you still here? What were you doing?” There was insistence mixed with fear in Seth’s voice. Jonnie meant to calm him down. It was his purpose as Seth’s guide to the ways of their new people. He took in a big breath and smiled to himself before answering.
“I was starsinging, Seth, my brother. I was starsinging.”
Copyright 2005  G. W. German. All Rights Reserved. This work my not be republished in part or in its entirety without the express written permission of the author. All characters are fictitious. Any similarities to real persons are completely coincidental and not intended on the part of the author.


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    LFantastic, thanks,
    More, More!!

    • Thanks for the praise! This story is almost 9 years old. It’s meant to be a “stand alone”. So, unfortunately for you and its very few fans, there won’t be a sequel. Sorry.

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