Equine Dept.: Horse Yoga

Considering how much horse abuse and outright murder happens on a daily basis, the idea that horse yoga is “controversial” strikes me as near ridiculous. Taking horses from horrible situations and teaching them to be partners in something of genuine peace and beauty sounds like a significant benefit to the animal. Just rescuing a horse and treating it as if nothing humans did made it the frightened or angry animal it has become is less than a half-measure at really rescuing the animal. Sure, it would be great if all horses were allowed to be as true to their natures as possible, but that isn’t what is happening in our world today. Instead, it is a fortunate few out of millions who are given an opportunity to have good lives. If the few horses that are given the opportunity to participate in this form of yoga are being abused it is a form of abuse most all of us would prefer to what actually transpires.

Here is the original article about this at HuffPost.

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April 9, 2014 · 2:46 PM

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