Centaur Political Humor: Oliphant Skewers Putin

Vladputin, Emperor of Russia and anything else he can grab, promotes his image as alpha male like almost no other ruler in the world. There are pictures of him shirtless riding a horse that have been doctored to make him into the centaur he imagines we all want him to be. Personally, I would like this anti-gay former chief KGB spook to disappear and the sooner the better. But, until then, we can thank the great political cartoonist Pat Oliphant of the Washington Post for making fun of Putin’s machismo and Secretary Kerry’s lack of it.


Centaur Putin.gif


centaur putin 2.gif


Cartoons by Pat Oliphant


April 22, 2014 · 2:26 PM

4 responses to “Centaur Political Humor: Oliphant Skewers Putin

  1. There’s a saying amongst equestrians: “A good stallion makes a great gelding.” Might I suggest that Mr. Putin undergo alteration?

    • I think that by the way he struts he might have already been gelded. Talk about overcompensation.

      • Ironically, your observation may have a grain of truth to it. (Disclaimer: I’m not a M.D., and most of the evidence I’ve found linking low testosterone to heightened levels aggression is anecdotal, and should be taken with the proverbial grain of salt, as I haven’t found any hard medical/scientific studies.) At the risk of sounding like a shill for big pharma, it is known that hypoandrogenism (low testosterone) in men can cause all kinds of emotional (and physical) problems. In addition to anxiety and depression, the hypo-gonadal male may exhibit overly aggressive or dominate behavior. However, what the physical and emotional after effects might manifest post-gelding of a centaur stallion would be pure speculation on my part. It might make for a fascinating study! Do I have any volunteers? 🙂

      • I’m not into the idea of gelding centaur stallions. I’ve yet to meet any in tact ones. It would surely be disappointing to find one and for that one to be a gelding. I’d try not to hold it against him but, it wouldn’t satisfy any long standing fantasies for me. Still, I am absolutely positive I’d manage to work my way around his ‘deficit’.

        On the point of gelding Vladputin, if it hasn’t already happened, just give me the the time, the place and the rusty knife. “Oops, I slipped. I killed the SOB.”

        It seems that any approach to tweaking masculinity ends in sorrow. Too much testosterone or too little and you wind up unhappy and even ill. Balance is the key. Finding that in all aspects of life is one of the biggest challenges.

        A friend in his late 80s was thrilled that using a testosterone patch gave him a renewed relationship with erections. Now there is news that boosting testosterone like that is so unnatural that men develop cancers. Seems you can’t win for losing. But then, when you are that age, I would think that erections trump the chances of cancer. Ain’t gonna live forever and it would be cool to enjoy yourself until the end, at least in one important way.

        Thanks for the intelligent response, James. Intelligence is always sexy and you can’t get a patch to boost it.

        Cheers, Greg

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