Centaur Comic Art: Thunderbird

I am always pleased to make the discovery of another webcomic featuring a centaur character. Especially, one like this one with its fine art and interesting storyline. Here is “Thunderbird: A Western Fairytale” and the Native American Centaur, Bodaway.

Thunderbird:  Molly On Bodaway by Linkenlog

From Thunderbird by Linkenlog Thunderbird


From Thunderbird by Linkenlog page 33 4:19:14


Molly (character from Thunderbird) as Centauress by Linkenlog


Art by Lizzy AKA Linkenlog


April 26, 2014 · 4:06 PM

2 responses to “Centaur Comic Art: Thunderbird

  1. Bookmarked! 🙂 I do like the artist’s style. Not sure, but I think the south western tribes had centaur legends. Thank you, Centaureg, for this unique find. 🙂

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