Serious Centaur Sculpture: In The Centaur’s Lap

Centaur and Nymph by Unknown

Art by Shubnyakova Ekaterina


With gratitude to JamesR for locating the artist’s identity!


May 4, 2014 · 7:27 PM

4 responses to “Serious Centaur Sculpture: In The Centaur’s Lap

  1. I was intrigued by this, so I did a few reverse image searches. I’m fairly sure that this is “I Love the Centaur” by Shubnyakova Ekaterina (a Russian artist I believe). Here are some links: (site is in Russian).

    • Thanks, James, for doing what I should have done myself. I changed the “art by” designation to reflect your information. Thanks again. Greg

      • You’re very welcome, Centaureg. It’s just that I found this piece to be rather charming, and a lighthearted, tender twist on an old legend surrounding centaur stallions and human maidens. Our sculpted young lady seems to appreciate the attention, sitting demurely on the forelegs of the centaur, and the stallion is content to amuse himself with the her company! 🙂

      • Yes, James, it is a really clever twist on all those old inter-species pieces that frequently imply abduction and rape or just “this is not a good fit”. Not very different from all the crazed prejudice against interracial pairings, in my estimation. Folk tales perpetuate the myths that all centaurs are alike and that the annihilation of centaurs based on their doing things (reported by humans) such as attacking new brides at their wedding feasts or trying to abduct the wife of Hercules is definitely deserved. “Kill the lot of these horrible monsters. Who knows what atrocities they are capable of committing next?” Centaurs become the same scapegoats as minority men of any description. Keep feeding the ignorant false information and soon the false information is fact. Something applicable in times of war.

        Instead, in this work, the artist allows two very different creatures to have a meeting that is based on mutual respect and willing natures intent on understanding without negative judgment involved. Something humans could learn from across the board. Doing damage based on ignorance is always a major disservice to all involved. Perhaps, Chiron (this fellow reminds me of that entity) had female charges as well as the male heroes he mentored. Or maybe he is just imparting wisdom to the lass sitting on his legs. Maybe she’s the one teaching him. Any good connotation is possible without reducing it to sexual interplay or falsely promoted fear-driven efforts against any positive interactions.

        Thanks, James, for making me consider this sculpture more seriously.

        Cheers, Greg

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