Serious Centaur Art: Free At Last

0 A 1 centaur Finally Free by Tim Swit


Art by Tim Swit


May 18, 2014 · 5:31 PM

2 responses to “Serious Centaur Art: Free At Last

  1. @Centaureg, is there a story behind this? It’s a real head scratcher. Or is it one of your ‘centaur oddities’? I’m not sure who’s “freeing” whom here, and I can’t imagine any centaur tolerating a bit in his mouth and the reins held by a human. Payment made in full, perhaps?
    James Rau

    • The only story I have about the piece is how long it was held in a file of unpublished images. I don’t know how I managed to miss using it. Anyway, that doesn’t really answer your question. I suppose he qualifies as an ‘oddity’, but I thought the work was serious enough to fill that category. As with most unexplained fantasy images, it is up to the viewer to draw their own conclusions. In this case, I think the rider is probably the ‘free’ one. The centaur is her bodyguard/protector. She’s so small that I really can’t imagine any sexual intercourse between the two. Maybe she’s his exiled Queen or some other high ranking royalty the centaurs have a relationship with, political or otherwise. The imagined scenarios are endless. And I’m with you, no self-respecting centaur would ever put up with a bit and reins unless there was some payoff later.

      Thanks, Greg

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