Manimal Gamed: Legend of The Five Rings

Radakast Naga Constrictor from Lord of The Five Rings by Randy Elliot

Art by Randy Elliot


Legend of The Five Rings (or L5R to its adherents) is a collectible card/RP game that first came on the scene in 1995. Why it is of interest to this blog is that the game features naga characters and some of the best naga related art ever created.

Radakast Naga Constrictor from L5R


Naga Bowmen from L5R

Art by Randy Elliot


Naga Remnants L5R trading card


Dark Naga from L5R


Crystal Nagamaki


Hidden Temple L5R trading card


Legion of Corrupted Nagas: The Vengeful by Carlos NCTih8i

Art by Carlos NCT


L5R Naga Warrior


L5R Clan War Naga miniature


Naga Aid Rejected L5R card art




L5R Clan War Naga 2


L5R Clan War Naga 1

L5R Clan Wars Naga 3



L5R Shinomen Mori Naga


01 nagas L5R Clan War Naga Expansion Army

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June 5, 2014 · 8:06 AM

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