Centaur Animation: Gargoyles’ “The New Olympians”

Disney’s “Gargoyles” animated TV series was a short-lived but decent show that graced the airwaves for 2 seasons (10/’94 thru 2/’97).

The show had one thing going for it: the main character, Goliath, was a ruggedly handsome (in a sort of Frankensteinian way) winged-powerhouse gargoyle who was designed to be heroic and sexy, too. (At least to me he was sexy.LOL) Once I realized he was part of the show I was hooked.

The New Olympians, Season 2: Ep 37, Gargoyles

“The New Olympians” (Season 2, Episode 37) looks to me to be a possible pilot for another series that, unfortunately,  never met the light of day. The episode is chock full of manimal characters (an angel, minotaur, centaurs, naga, a shape-shifter who becomes a cyclops, and background subjects that are interesting in their diversity and “manimalism”.) Of course I am most interested in the secondary guard character, Kiron. 

Named after the most famous of all centaurs he isn’t quite like the Greek fellow you might imagine, but he is an eyeful.

Kiron, guard character from New Olympians episode of GargoylesScreen shot 2014-06-08 at 6.12.08 PM

Since I have a penchant for darktaurs this guy is on screen way too little to please me.


One of the main characters is a minotaur peace keeper, Taurus, voiced by Michael Dorn (Lt. Cmdr. Worf on “Star Trek: The Next Generation”). I have always thought that man had one of the best speaking voices around (deep and resonant) and it is truly suited to the bull-headed character he plays here.  Roddy McDowell (“Planet of The Apes”, “Fright Night”) is the voice of the shape-shifting Proteus. This part was among the last roles of the famous gay character actor before his untimely passing.

You can watch this episode here.

Background centaur character from New Olympians episode of Gargoyles

A centaur character that appears all-to-briefly in the episode.





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