Happy 4th of July!

This is the closest I could come to finding a patriotic centaur image.


Patriots by Syklonis

Art by Skylonis

What if centaurs played on the New England Patriots football team? They’d slaughter the opposing team that’s what!


July 4, 2014 · 2:57 PM

4 responses to “Happy 4th of July!

  1. And naturally, this would be the team’s “fight song”:

    *”We are the centaurs, my friends–
    And we’ll keep on fighting, till the end.
    We are the centaurs…
    We are the centaurs…
    No time for HUMANS
    Because we are the centaurs:

    *With apologies to Queen. Sung to the tune of “We are the Champions”

    • And here I thought I was centaur obsessive! No time for HUMANS indeed. Thanks James, Greg

      • Actually, this just popped into my head: If centaurs are real, what kinds of sports might they develop? American “Football” might be popular, or South American or European “soccer ball”. Naturally, there might be an all-centaur league, as us poor “two legs” would probably get “slaughtered” (as you so delicately put it). Humans would probably stick to baseball or volleyball (and would they allow centaurs on their teams?). I can also imagine centaurs doing well in the decathlon (with the exception of pole vaulting). And certainly the centaurs would win the archery tournament! 🙂

      • Years ago, I read a fantasy short story in one of those Isaac Asimov-edited paperback collections about a centaur who is drafted to play on a baseball team and becomes the Jackie Robinson of centaurs. The humans have a hard time getting past his hyper-capable playing let alone his horse-like body. Prejudice rears its ugly head until he proves himself and the team starts winning. Then other teams want centaurs, too. Personally, I rarely if ever watch team sports games of any sort. (I did see the Seahawks become World Champions!). I was always the last kid called to play any team sport. Pretty much hate team sports to this day, but I would sure-as-hell become a fan if centaurs were participating. Shit, I’d be a sports groupie!

        I’m not so sure present day centaurs would be such great archers. That stereotype would have probably faded with modern centaur culture.

        What Olympic sports would they play in? They would win all the weight-lifting and dressage medals. That’s such a given that the Olympic Committee would probably ban them from competition. Slaughter too indelicate for you? How about “blood bath”. That’s what centaurs in the Olympics would cause to happen. If only . . .

        One of my stories is about an alien transforming men into centaurs so he can take them to his special Olympic Games planet and force them to participate in grueling games. Come to think of it, I must have written that story with a subconscious desire to bash team sports.

        Thanks for commenting as always, James.


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