Serious Cernunnos Art: Carrying Her Off

Horned God's Daughter by Perzo


Art by Michael Ivan


July 6, 2014 · 8:12 PM

3 responses to “Serious Cernunnos Art: Carrying Her Off

  1. Hey, Centaureg. Question please? The filename is “Horned God’s Daughter”. Do you have any more info on this? The title seems to imply that instead of carrying off some maiden for his pleasure, this is a “father” reclaiming one of his own children?
    Thanks, James.

    • The artist Michael Ivan has a DA account and specializes in commercial fantasy art. This piece was made as the cover art for an unidentified anthology of short stories. I did some research for “Horned God’s Daughter” and found a lot about Cernunnos (by other names such as Herne, too), but next to nothing about any daughter. The way she appears ravished in the art suggests that the artist wanted to convey more than just defilement. But the title is the only clue to that.

      Go here to read a nice description of what the Horned God represents in Wiccca.

      I guess whatever the viewer draws from this work is based on either previous knowledge of the subject matter or, for most of us, our imaginations.

      Sorry I can’t be of more help. I did, however, find that there are both Tumblr and Pinterest pages devoted to images of the Horned God (Pan, Cernunnos, Herne, etc.) and some of those will be appearing here soon. So thanks for sending my dog down that rabbit hole, so to speak. Cheers, Greg

      • Thanks for the info. After surfing to the link and reading about the Horned God, the depiction may not be as diabolical as it appears. Cernunnos not only claims to be the “Father of all Mankind”, but sovereign over “untamed nature”. I think that I too would fall in a swoon if I met my “real” god-father.
        Again, thanks for the info. I’ll check out the artist’s site as well.

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