Mermale Art Gallery: A Boatload of Mermales

I’m not completely certain why I’ve posted so much merman material lately. IMHO mermen, or as I have dubbed them “mermales”, are less likely to exist than almost all of the other mythical half man/half beast creatures. To me they are a bit silly. I suppose that is because they are the only ones that unify a sea creature with a land creature. There are a score of logical reasons why this union wouldn’t work regardless of how sexy the critters appear to be. Not the least is the difficulty for human flesh to withstand continuous exposure to salt water or the fact that, to breath under water, mers would need gills of some sort. Then there is the fact that fish tails need a mucosal slime to function. How would that affect a mermale’s human torso with its somewhat oily skin? Then there is the problem of underwater sight and needing an eye-covering membrane such as almost all sea creatures of mammalian and fish nature possess. And what about the hair? Need I go on pointing out the ridiculous nature of these mythical creatures?  Even a gargoyle seems more reasonable (except for the part about turning to stone during daylight hours). It is easy to recognize why mers are completely imaginary.

I believe a merman would be more like the character of the same name in MOTU or the monster in “Creature From The Black Lagoon”. As hideous as that creature is it fills the bill for logical realization much better than the pretty boy mermales we are all too familiar with. Have no fears, just because I find them silly doesn’t mean I won’t keep sexually objectifying these imaginary fishtailed men. There will be many more images of them in the future of Centaurica.

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July 21, 2014 · 8:40 PM

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