RetroTV Centaur: Newton of “The Mighty Hercules”

The Mighty Hercules by Al Bundy Landoir


Art by Marco Domanico


From before the sexual revolution of the Sixties changed American mores forever comes “Newton” the  centaur sidekick (there’s an unintentional pun for you) of “The Mighty Hercules” animated series. This character is so removed from the inherent sexual (read “dangerous”) nature of mythical beasts in order to protect the innocent sensibilities of young viewers he almost can’t accurately be called “centaur”. Plus, the character was further ruined by the lame idea that he must repeat everything he says twice as if he’d been forever damaged by encountering an echo. I don’t remember what his faun friend is named, but that poor fellow was not only deprived of any sexual animus but he was mute, too. Even Hercules looks like he’s Superman’s lost brother. No wonder this series quickly disappeared for the airwaves.

At least this artistic rendering of the characters gives them a modicum of dignity. The series never did.

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July 21, 2014 · 10:20 PM

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