Centaur Anime: Makochan



Gintama EP 56 Makoto Mascot
Making sense of Japanese anime is sometimes akin to deciphering the Enigma Code. The character pictured here is actually three fellows known as the “Odd Job Three” dressed in a centaur costume  to portray a mascot of some sort. The mascot goes by the name of Makoto or Makochan. One man is the mascot’s bare-chested top, the second is inside the costume’s bottom and the diminutive third man portrays a child that the centaur accidentally shot. I’ll assume you don’t understand this anymore than I do.

Makoto appears in the very bizarre series, Gintama, that can be seen on Daily Motion. The mascot is in Episode 56, “Keep An Eye On The Chief For The Day“.




centaur archer hunts child 2Centaur archer hunts childMakochan by XXDevilXXZ

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July 22, 2014 · 9:03 PM

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