Alien Centaurs: The Andalites

Running Andalite Male by Char Reed shot 2014-08-01 at 8.01.06 AM

Animorphs was a short lived Nickelodeon series that aired from 1998 through 2000. It was based on a series of kid’s books released by Scholastic Publishing. The series revolved around young characters who had the ability to shape shift into single animals, in other words they “animorph”. Like many such limited series, the show has developed a cult of fans and Animorphs books continue to be somewhat popular.

Artist Char Reed has created a graphic novel devoted to continuing the Animorphs storyline. What is most of interest to Centaurica readers is that one of the main Animorphs characters is actually a member of an alien race of centaur-like creatures, Andalites. Ms. Reed has devoted quite a bit of art to depicting these creatures that can be viewed here.

Female Andalite by Char Reed

Above Two Pieces of Art by Char Reed

There is quite a bit of fan related art of andalites online. You’ll find a physical description of the creatures here. They are unlike Earth’s centaurs in a great many ways. Not the least of these differences is they have no mouths so absorb nutrients through their hoofs and “speak” telepathically. Like “Marcus, The Centaur Werewolf Symbiote” featured in the previous post these characters are another far stretch away from the standard classical Greek centaur myth.




There was even an action figure made:

Andalite Action Figure

Wallpaper Animorphs-Elfangor 1024

Animorphs Andalite Alein TF

Unlike you and me “He’s only human when he wants to be.”

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August 1, 2014 · 9:30 AM

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