Centaur Animation: Cyborgtaur

Teen Titans Go!

By now you’ve probably figured out from reading this blog that the guy who runs it ain’t no “Average Joe” on just about any level. But then, I suspect, if you are reading this homage to manimals in general and centaurs in particular, neither are you. Welcome to the Club of Embraced Fetishes and Proud Perversion!

So you’ll be glad to cut me some slack for being both in my 7th decade of life on this tough rock hurtling through space and loving kid’s cartoon shows, too. Humans are complex combinations of crazy likes and dislikes and it can be confusing trying to figure out what makes anyone tick. Rather than do that, just kick back and relax while I sing the praises of “Teen Titans Go!”, a Cartoon Network/WB/DC series that loves to screw with superhero conventions, be warped, and highly humorous while educating youngsters. Are you young at heart? If so, you will love the Titans.

This episode of the show: Season 1, Episode 50: “Man Person”, is a perfect intro to this ridiculous series. Why so? Because the theme of the show is defining manliness and it does that through a series of comical and cool transformations. The transformation that causes me to post about the show begins at 9:18. Here are some screen captures showing what’s up with Cyborg, the series black robot-man character:

Cybortaur from Teen Titans Go! (S1, Ep50) 1

Cyborgtaur and Beast Boy as Scar-Man from Teen Titans Go! (S1, Ep50) 2

Cyborgtaur and Beast Boy as Scar-Man from Teen Titans Go! (S1, Ep50)

A crab-clawed robotic centaur? Like in recent past posts, it is clear the bar has been raised or shot over entirely in the quest to create exotic out-of -the-standard-box centaurs. This is just one more. Comical, exaggerated and fun, eh? Which is only appropriate considering the nature of the program. Which I hope you will watch here.


Here is Cyborgtaur from an earlier appearance in Season 1, Episode 31: “Power Moves”:

Cyborgtaur in his earlier incarnation from Teen Titans Go! (S1, Ep31-"Power Moves")

Incidentally, the executive producer of this series is Michael Jelenic. He was one of the creative minds behind a series I loved and most everyone else just ignored, the lamentably short-lived rebooting of  “ThunderCats” in 2011. After that show was pulled, he went on to do this series. And I am very happy he did. Though I would have preferred a longer run of the T-Cats, too.

Beast Boy as nascent Scar-Man in Teen Titans Go! (S1, Ep50: "Man Person")

Finally, here’s an excerpt from the beginning of  “Man Person”:

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August 2, 2014 · 2:53 PM

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