Centaur Comic TF: It’s Camel Time!

What a long strange night by Viant T

Art by Viant T

Will that be one hump or two?


August 5, 2014 · 9:33 PM

5 responses to “Centaur Comic TF: It’s Camel Time!

  1. So…I guess he got over the hump! (ducks and runs for cover)

  2. Don’t think I’d like being a camel-taur. Give me a sleek muscled horse body!

    • Hi John, I can definitely think of worse scenarios. Rhinotaur or hippotaur for example. But, no, becoming a cameltaur would not be among my first choices or even my 15th! Always been a classic centaur kind of guy myself. Cheers, Greg

  3. Paul (Chiron)

    Was this part of a comic/series? Curious as to what kind of critters he’d been

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