Major Announcement: When Positive Push Comes To Shove This Centaur Gets Movin’

Major Arcana #11: Strength--Hercules Slays Nessus

As you may or may not have noticed if you deign to keep track of this little enterprise, I haven’t made a post of new centaur or manimal related material in the last three weeks. This isn’t because I don’t still love manimals and centaurs in particular. It’s because my entire life has shifted into a new direction and I intend to move forward with the flow. Not to worry. All is good. In plain fact, great. I am very much reclaiming my health and that has, rather magically and unexpectedly, caused a major life reinvention in the process. It’s been a great ride so far and I have no intentions of dragging my feet and slowing down the momentum. Collecting new material for Centaurica would be just such a process. So, for the time being, I am letting the past posts speak for themselves and new posts are on hold.

Perhaps, as winter comes into play, I will return here to post many of the images I have already got stored in an image file folder and are worthy of showing to my fellow centaur/manimal lovers. Please don’t hold your collective breathes about that.

Please check Centaurica Links as there are many other worthy sites featuring centaurs and such that await your perusal.

Thanks for following this blog. Knowing there is a solid core of people out there who resonate to the great centauric vibration (Ooo, cosmic!) has made creating this blog a labor of love. Now I am taking that same loving energy and investing it in being whole again.

My best to y’all.

Greg AKA Centaureg (TReg)




September 20, 2014 · 7:54 PM

2 responses to “Major Announcement: When Positive Push Comes To Shove This Centaur Gets Movin’

  1. raddra

    RL comes first. you take care of yourself. 🙂

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