Coming In 2015!

Hercules and the Centaurs by Antonio Tempesta c1600

Howdy Centauricans!

Come January I will be returning to blogging on a limited basis.

I’ve decided to start posting new material her approximately once every ten days or so. That way I can keep Centaurica running and devote adequate time to Project Greg as well.

I haven’t quite determined how I will go about making this blog viable and not featuring as many image files. I may just turn Centaurica into an archive of older centaur and manimal related posts while publishing new posts devoted to centaur/manimal essays.

I may even open the blog up to featuring new fiction by other authors including any followers who write stories or essays that are worth sharing. Of course, whether or not material makes the grade would be solely up to this benevolent dictator to decide. A sort of “submit at your own risk” situation.

I’m going to post a poll and take any suggestions on these decisions. Surely there are at least a solid dozen followers out there who would be brave enough to voice opinions and strongly constructive suggestions regarding what they would like to see become of Centaurica.

Centaurica will be undergoing some sort of transformation and I would appreciate any constructive criticism referring to what new direction it will be headed in.

Meanwhile, I will start posting newly scavenged images (centaurs only!) at Tumblr Centaurica ( sometime this week. So, rather than feature images on this blog and paying for the privilege, I will post them to the Tumblr site instead. That works best for me.

I look forward to hearing from my centaur/manimal obsessive friends out there in Web World.

Happy Trails,

Centaureg AKA Greg


Gingertaur by Firipa


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2 responses to “Coming In 2015!

  1. yasha-taur

    Cool! Glad to see that you are still here. As for what to do about the site, I am happy to get anything about ‘taurs. I like it as it is (was??), but it’s your site to do with as you wish, or as your time permits.

    If I can help with anything, let me know.

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