Decisions, Decisions

Half-Man, Half-Horse

Well, as of today, 40 Centauricans have voted in the poll I posted a week ago yesterday. I was pleased to see that many votes.

The lion’s share of votes cast were, for the majority of voters, for satisfaction with Centaurica as it has been. I realized, after I posted the poll, that response was an unintentional trick. If people are pleased with this blog as it has been lately than it will just stand as an archive with no forward motion whatsoever.

However, I am not so dense to believe that was anyone’s intention when they chose to vote for that option.

If you’ve followed this blog for a while you will recall that I have never promoted any commercial endeavors here. Unfortunately, Word Press exists in the real world of business commerce and has to support itself by posting ads. I have had no input as to what ads appear here. In fact, I have never seen any ads at all. I just get a notice that readers may see ads in my posts.

The plain truth is that my circumstances don’t allow me the wherewithal to purchase a premium membership with Word Press. They currently don’t even allow me the yearly dues fee of $20 that makes it possible for me to upload new images and videos or to create a stand alone website, for that matter.

If this project is to continue with new material added on a regular basis, I have to ask readers to make a one time minor contribution until the fee is met and I can continue posting new centaur/manimal related material from the internet. I’ve been reluctant to ask people to start giving me funds to keep this little enterprise going but, that’s what has to happen if Centaurica is going on as it has in the past.

It isn’t an earth staggering sum. All I’m asking for is 10 folks to pitch in $2 or 4 centaur obsessives (LOL) to contribute $5 each. In this day when a fast food lunch can cost $10, a latte is easily $5 and a movie ticket (minus concessions) is around $10, $20 is a relative pittance. But on my disability income it is the difference between eating and scraping by or not.

I still intend to make some changes here with more text-centric posts beginning to appear if Centaurica goes on. But, if I start delivering new material come January, I have to get the money in my PayPal account (

I believe Centaurica has been a valuable service for those of us who appreciate centaurs and manimal art, etc. Yes, I am aware of all the freely available content that is on the web. The archive here fits that bill very well. Things change and, just as I requested a vote regarding the future of this blog, I am now requesting a small contribution to cover the expense that makes new visual content possible.

Thanks for understanding this situation and thanks in advance to those who decided contributing is the right thing to do.

Happy Trails,


Centaur by Francosj12

Art by Francosj12


December 15, 2014 · 4:02 PM

6 responses to “Decisions, Decisions

  1. Dragon

    awesomee stufff

  2. Craig

    I just sent in a contribution in recognition of enjoying your blogs for years now. Thank you — it’s the least I can do.

    • Centaureg

      And because of you, Craig, and one other Centaurican (Thanks, JohanS!) this blog will be active again in January!
      Thank you for coming to my aide. And everyone else who appreciates this blog must be pleased that two centaur lovers decided to step up to the plate when they either couldn’t or wouldn’t.
      For now, you can check out the recent additions I’ve made to Tumblr Centaurica.

      Thank You again, this means a lot to me!

      Greg AKA Centaureg

      • Johan

        Like Craig, I have enjoyed your blogs for years now, so my contribution were a way of saying thank you for a great job, and hopefully you’ll keep on posting.

      • Centaureg

        I am glad you have found value in this blog and thought so well of it to send funds to me. Don’t be a stranger once Centaurica starts churning out new posts. It makes me wonder who else is out there who has never contacted me or even made a comment and, yet, appreciates the work I do from a distance. If I could actively engage and enlist those people in being just a tiny bit more communicative it would help me manage this effort far better.

        Thanks again, Johan. Every little bit helps and your bit wasn’t quite as little as the bit I had hoped others might contribute.

        Happy Trails,

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