An inglorious life of a demigod – Centaur

Some centaur historical info including the myth of the raging drunken centaurs disrupting the Lapith wedding festivities.


Centaurs or the Kentauroi, are the Greek mythological creatures with the torso of a man and the hind of a horse. Centaurs are very strong and muscular, which can lift heavy weights of around two tons. They wear very fierce and savaged

Centaur, muscular and ferocious Centaur, muscular and ferocious

creatures which occupied the forests of Magnesia in the ancient Greece.

The centaurs were the descendants of Centaurus, whose birth was the result of vengeance and rape. Thessaly in Ancient Greece was once ruled by the Lapith king Ixion, who married Dia, princess of Thrace, and murdered his father in law, King Eioneus. Some time after their marriage, the God of Gods, Zeus or The Jupiter, secretly mated with Dia and as a result Dia gave birth to Peirithous, who later became a great Greek hero along with his friend Theseus, as depicted in Homer’s Illiad and Odessey. Dia convinced Zeus to purify King…

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