Miss Centurian Beauty

Alright, I’m waiting for the Mister Centaurian Beauty Pageant. Now That would be worth attending.

atypical pageant place

Miss Centurian Beauty debuts in the pageant world in 2015 and is for the fillies who wish to compete in the name of beauty.

The event will be held in Christchurch, New Zealand in Mid March.

This pageant focuses on beauty, knowledge and strength so only the best warrior will win the grand prize of $1000.

See below for rules and the flyer!


Terms of Entrance

Applicant must be over 18

Must be a Centaur (half horse half human)

Must be female

Application must be submitted by the 15th January 2015

Entrants must participate in all three categories to be eligible for the prize.
Beauty, Talent and Showmanship.

Application cost is $50

Tickets to the event are $25

Please support the contestants and spread the word about this pageant.

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