Saddle Up

All for lots more centaur fiction!

*~Mae's Corner~*

AN: I’m really enjoying writing the centaur stories here 🙂 if you haven’t checked out hubedihubbe aka Fia on tumblr, you’re missing out! Her centaur stories and characters are amazing and definitely worth checking out!!! Here’s another Aerick and Sawyer (previously Sophie until Fia changed the name) drabble for you based on this post here: Again, I really hope I don’t screw up her characters because they are just adorable and I’d hate to do them an injustice. Hope you guys enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own the centaurs, the setting, characters, or anything featured here. They belong to hubedihubbe. I’m simply borrowing them for storytelling purposes.

 Regret was something Aerick couldn’t help but feel as he felt Sawyer finished the last buckle of the saddle, the girl stepping away with a grin on her lips as she gestured to her centaur companion. He began the day with his usual…

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