Announcement: Due To Unforeseen Circumstances . . .


Latin stock centaur

. . . Centaurica will now be returning in February.

I am sorry to announce this, but in my haste to gain funds to purchase more image storage space I failed to realize that WordPress no longer offers a $20 upgrade. Now you have to purchase a Premium Upgrade plan at $99 annually. Dammit!

Part of the money donated was expressly for adding images to Superversity. So there isn’t enough funds in toto to do the “reboot” right now. I am loath to seek more funding at this time.  I will wait until I have the money in my own account to purchase the now expensive upgrade. Personally, I feel this was a fairly crass move on WordPress’ part, but they operate a business, I don’t.

I am grateful to those who donated to “rebooting Centaurica” and I hope you will excuse my mistake and be patient for the return come February.

For now, I can still reuse images from the archive, add text pieces and videos. All is not lost. And there is Tumblr Centaurica, too.

Yes, this is truly a disappointment and has reminded me to pay attention to details and never assume things continue to stand as they once were.

I am now choking on some humble pie. But all things must pass in time and this little speed bump will eventually erode down to a memory.

My humble apologies regarding this continuing saga. Centaurica will be back before we know it.


Centaureg AKA Greg

Art by Ingrid Inu

Art by Ingrid Inu




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January 4, 2015 · 3:55 PM

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