Centaur Hypnosis: On Becoming Taur

William Levy: Centauro Blanco


Have you ever thought you would like to transform?

Here are two hypnosis videos that can help that to happen or, at least, make you believe a transformation has occurred.

The first video is an induction and enhances your ability to become completely open and suggestible to being entranced.

The second video enables the listener to imagine how it would be to become centaur. In other words, you go into a centaur trance.

It is recommended that, if you are new to hypnosis, you use the induction video first to enable the TF video to work better.

The more you listen and watch these videos the greater the chance they will work for you. It may take some dedication to achieve a true state of deep trance, but it is worth learning whether or not you become centaur (or any of a number of other creature TFs available through Oren Otter and The Transformation Parlor on YouTube).



centauro perfecto lrg


January 7, 2015 · 11:24 AM

3 responses to “Centaur Hypnosis: On Becoming Taur

  1. Divinetaur

    I’ve tried this- to varying degrees of success. It’s “easy” (only after many attempts) to picture your own legs as equine rear legs, but growing that extra body, convincing yourself of sensations from “phantom” forelegs- it’s very, very tricky. Might give it another try tonight however!

    • Centaureg

      Thanks for reporting on your level of success with this method, Divinetaur. It has taken me quite a few listens to get any real benefit from it. As has been true in the past with other hypnotic suggestion programs. They say that the farther you can roll your eyes back in your head by trying to look upward the more success there is with your ability to be inducted into a trance. If that is actually the case, I am a lost cause. LOL

      All in all it is still a pleasant experience and can be quite relaxing if not completely satisfying for anyone who actually desires transformation (or a least a simulation of such an experience). I suppose there are some benefits to being easily suggestible.

      I wonder how well such suggestion would work if a person employed a reliable hypnotherapist in person rather than through a YouTube video. If anyone reading this blog can afford such a thing please let me know your results.

      Happy Trails, TReg

  2. paul

    wanted my life become centaur and try your hynosis become centaur did not work am not lucky sometimes and would know anyone that help people become centaur and for would paul and email back

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