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Art by Crow Faery

Art by Crow Faery


Howdy Centauricans!

I’ve been very busy over at Tumblr Centaurica. There are hundreds of new and older more familiar images posted there now. I encourage anyone still coming here to visit that site and see all the work I’ve done to make it much more viable and an actual representation of Centaurica instead of just a lesser ancillary site. It appears that using Tumblr is a much more viable alternative to WordPress than I had first thought. Especially when you consider that, at least for the foreseeable future, Tumblr isn’t charging a stiff premium for adding content to the blog.

I’ll be writing more about the transition and what it portends come the beginning of next month. Hopefully, some very positive changes are beginning to gel and Centaurica will have a new home and a much better format, too.

I will, it appears, be refunding contributions (as I am able) because Tumblr is currently a free service. I again thank those readers who reached into their wallets to keep this project current and worthwhile and hope they will have patience as Centaurica gets a new lease on life.

Happy Trails to all of my readers and supporters.



Young Chiron 1



January 23, 2015 · 10:03 AM

2 responses to “What’s New

  1. Craig

    Please don’t think about refunding my contribution! If you don’t need it anymore for the websites, just get yourself some treat and consider it your reward for all the work you put into these things.

    • Centaureg

      Craigtaur, you are one solidly class act. (He said in genuinely relieved self-interest.)
      Thank You again!
      Cheers and hugs,

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