Can a centaur rise from the ashes like a phoenix?

Jeanne Marcella

[Note: I am migrating my blog, so there will be a few posts coming with me, especially since I have just started a new thread/theme. I hope to catch up by Monday or Tuesday.

This was originally posted elsewhere January 12, 2015. I also might revive my Author vs Character bitstrips, just because I’m still trying to figure out who is crazier. Me or them. End Note.]

A gritty dark fantasy not for the faint of heart. Centaurs. Half-centaurs. Action. Drama. GLBTQ elements.

Mine can!

My first dark fantasy novel was quite the disaster. Yes I admit that. I’ve been looking it over the last few months, and the writing was stiff and appalling. So were the characters. And there were plot holes.

It was those early days when you’re first starting out. You’re testing out who you are as a writer. What your genre is vs the pressures of…

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2 responses to “Can a centaur rise from the ashes like a phoenix?

  1. Thank you for the reblog. I love your background paper! This is a marvelous page!

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