Kin Seeker’s Prologue Comics

Follow this link:
for a comic featuring centaur characters who are in the author’s book, “Kin Seekers”.

Whims from Valadae

For those who have been checking out each of the Prologue Comics as I’ve added them to the site, I am happy to announce that the NEXT comic is now available!

Belzor Comic Cover (854x1280)

For those not yet in the know, the Prologue Comics have been a side project of mine which I have been working on over the past ten or so months. The comics are a fun addition to the world-building of my Dragon Calling series, and they give bonus insight into some of the characters our protagonist, Laeka’Draeon, encounters on his journey.

As you might expect, the comics are intended to be viewed after one has read KIN SEEKER (the first book in the series), as the comics reveal minor spoilers to character encounters and elements of certain events.

This last comic in particular holds some major spoilers, so I would strongly recommend reading/ viewing only to those who’ve read…

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