Printing and Mounting Posters


The posters came back from the printers today and they are ready to be mounted. I did several paper tests looking into how the prints look in gloss, lustre, or matte, and I decided to go for a semi-gloss paper that most posters are printed on.

Here are the prints when they arrived:


I also bought some 3mm foamboard and some 3m Photo Mount to mount the posters for easy viewing:


Mounting was simple, I just sprayed a light film of Photomount in a grid pattern across the face of the foamboard, and then lay the posters over the top, pressing out air bubbles as I went.


Some pictures of the details in print (in poor lighting).


This is how the posters looked once mounted!


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One response to “Printing and Mounting Posters

  1. aurens

    just so you know, prints mounted to board will begin to warp over time if they are not in a frame. Most of the big box stores with framing have poster sized ready made frames (cheap but more effective than dry mounting to board) or you could have a really nice frame made at a frame shop and have them put in bendable points and no backing, that way you can switch images out as you like, or you can now have prints made on canvas, no need for a frame, just hang on the wall.

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