Centaurica Interview: Aether

Thunderhoof by Wolfiecane for Aether718

Art by Wolfiecane for Aether718

This, I fully hope, is the first in an ongoing series of interviews with people who have a strong connection to centaurs; either an abiding love of the four-legged wonders or an unquenchable obsession for them. I call such folks “taurophiles” and, it appears, there are quite a few online these days.

Our first interview is with a man who has created a centaur character and has assembled a collection of commissioned works of art depicting that creation. You may already be familiar with Thunderhoof, the Amerind Centaur. Now, let’s get a little more familiar with Aether, the man who brought Thunderhoof into this world.

Question 1: Tell us a little about yourself. Nothing that reveals your true identity, but something that helps readers get a better grasp of who you are, your education, involvement in art, etc. A mini profile as it were.

Aether: You can call me Aether.  I’m a 29yo guy just getting by in life.  Working 2 jobs, trying to finish a bachelor’s degree in hospitality, and just happy to see new things.  I’m not really artistically inclined, as most of the work I’ve gotten is commissions, but
I’ve been dabbling in coloring some of the pieces I’ve gotten as practice.  And for the record, I’m actually bi-curious.

Q 2: What first sparked your interest in centaurs? (who, what, when, why, where)

A: I’d have to say the library and the Hercules/Xena shows.  As a kid, I was really into mythologies and what crazy creatures came of it.  Then I saw centaurs and I thought “Man, something about this seems so… right.”

Q 3: How did you come to create Thunderhoof? Is he your “fursona” or a character? Tell us some particulars about him. Why him and why is he a “brave”?

A: TH came about as an amalgamation between a “traditional” centaur but adding a Native American influence to it.  I have an adoration and respect for the tribes, and since this is all a fantasy trip for the people involved, I thought it would be a cool idea to toss around.

For his personality, he is quite the gentle giant type.  Very caring of his tribe and family, too nice for his own good even.  He gets very riled up when on the defensive, though.

Q 4: After you designed him, how did it come about that you enlisted other artists in creating their visions of him?

A: Well, I’m a huge art fan, and I had this world with him going on in my head.  I am a lot more visual when it comes to storytelling, so I wanted to see what other’s eyes had in store for him.

Q 5: What have been the circumstances around your obtaining these works? In other words, how do you choose artists and commission them?

A: I’d say half are kind of spur of the moment, and the other half are planned.  The planned ones, I tend to wait for a specific artist, while the quicker ones I look to the friends I’ve made in the community.

Q 6: Do you attend furry conventions or engage in any other activities relating to the broader anthro community?

A: Only within the last year did I attend my first furry con.  That was quite fun, and I hope to meet more of the people that have brought my characters to life.   🙂

Q 7: I noticed that you recently added Thunderhoof’s son to the mix. It seems like he was just “in utero”. What prompted that scenario?

A: As part of the story surrounding TH, I wanted to have fun with some other exaggerated aspects, so I had his wish come true with a son and daughter.  They are essentially the avatars of their respective genders, and would go on to sire the new centaur race for generations to come.

Q 8: Do you have a philosophy about centaurs and/or centaurkin?

A: Not exclusively, but I just love their aesthetic and it’s fun to have the idea played with.

Q 9: Is Thunderhoof ever included in RPs or any more intimate homocentric activities.

A: When I first became active in the community, I did partake in some of those RPs, but after some bad encounters, I’ve stepped away from those.  People need to remember that TH is a character seperate from myself.

Q 10: What are your future plans for Thunderhoof? Any plans to market Thunderhoof at all?

A: I’d like to build more with the family, and show varying parts of time with them.  Their story is merely a hobby, and nothing I’d really want to market.

Q 11:  What would be your advice to other people who have created centaur fursonas or characters? Such as, is there anything important you’ve learned along the way since creating Thunderhoof that would help other artists/creators to know?

A: For those who have other centaur characters, it’s all about personality.  Remember that they’re still part human and have emotions just like any other character.  Play with that, and their story unfolds.

For artists, do your research before conceptualizing them.  I’ve encountered many folks who don’t feel comfortable drawing both humans and feral bodies, yet continue to work with anthro forms.  Branch out and develop yourselves!  It’s an enriching thing.

Q 12: Will Thunderhoof’s exploits branch out, perhaps into fiction and animation?

A: Some stories with him have been collaborated upon, but nothing in larger media.  I would LOVE to see him get animated one day, but I know that’d be a large undertaking.  Time can only tell.   ^^;

I am grateful to Aether for taking the time from his busy schedule to accommodate me with the answers for this initial interview in the series. I’m sure I speak for many of Centaurica’s followers when I encourage Aether to make many more commissions of Thunderhoof and his family. It is always good discovering a new artistic interpretation of the “gentle giant”.

I am seeking subjects for future interviews. If you, or someone you know or are acquainted with, would make a good subject for an interview please contact me at greggerman52@gmail.com. It’s a simple process of answering a dozen or so questions and emailing the responses back to me. I encourage my fellow taurophiles to get to know one another better and these interviews are meant to help accomplish that task.

Next Up: Chiron

Thanks for reading,


Thunderhoof by Angel27 for Aether718

Art by Angel27 for Aether718


February 14, 2015 · 3:46 AM

2 responses to “Centaurica Interview: Aether

  1. yasha-taur

    Very nice! Thanks for getting this interview. I have been curious about some details of his character.

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