A Thing or Two About Centaurs

Ashlee Willis


  1. The most popular theory of how this mythical creature came about was when the Minoans, a people who lived around 2700-1400 BC, first saw a tribe of nomads. The Minoans were a non-riding culture; the nomads were great horsemen. To the eyes of the Minoans, watching horse and man move so fluidly together, it looked as if they were one creature.
  2. According to Greek myth, the first centaur was the child of Ixion (king of the Lapiths) and Nephele (a nymph cloud disguised to look like Hera). Zeus wished to test Ixion, whom he knew desired his own wife, Hera. Thus he sent the cloud to him in the appearance of Hera. When Ixion succumbed to the temptation, Zeus punished him by making his offspring a strange and hideous half-breed: the centaur.
  3. Kentaurides, or female centaurs, did not appear in the earliest Greek mythology. However, they began to show up in…

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