review: Gay Centaur Punished my Butt

Lover, Raptor, Gentleman

Title:Gay Centaur Punished my Butt

Author: Hunter Fox

gay centaur

Het version:Filthy Centaur Hits Raw by Whitney Fox

filthy centaur

WhatWhat: Stuck at a work retreat in a summer camp setting, Corey gets drunk and ends up in the woods, where a centaur sweet-talks him into anal sex…only the centaur turns out to be a jerk, and the sweet nothings were just a ploy to get into Corey’s ass. Money Quotes:

I was a runner. I mean that whenever I drank, for some reason, I liked to run. Once, I was in Vegas with all my best friends and by the end of the night, I was plastered. For some reason all I can remember was running down the strip, belligerent and holding onto my dick as I ran in and out of the casinos. I was a runner. (loc 82) I did find out thought that Zander’s love was impure and…

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