This Blog Is 99% Inactive Now (and it won’t be changing)

Marvel Hercules vs Centaur

Marvel Hercules vs Centaur

Thanks for checking out WordPress Centaurica. Centaurica is acting as a repository or archive these days. Think of this blog as a reference library.

I very rarely add posts here anymore and will no longer be moderating comments, so please don’t leave any. I won’t be adding images to this blog site again. Though some pertinent articles reblogged from the net may be posted at times.

Tumblr Centaurica has become my major focus for images and information relating to a wide range of beings including manimals, etc.  If you have anything to contribute please contact me there.

If you fail to get a response from me here, this is the reason why that is so.

Thanks to every follower who has supported my humble efforts at blogging over the years. I truly appreciate your readership.

Happy Trails,


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September 15, 2015 · 9:04 PM

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