Why Centaurica?

Centaurica has moved to Tumblr. This blog site is now an archive or “museum” of centaur/manimal related media with very sporadic updates. If you want to see more current posts head on over to Centaurica Tumblr.

My first conscious encounter with centaurs was had while watching Disney’s Fantasia. I was immediately attracted to the burly guys who were half  horse. Years passed before I encountered any centaur again and then it was in, of all places, a Danny Thomas television special in the early 60’s. The idea of muscular guys who were part horse again captured my imagination and, this time, never let go.

Over the years I have searched for anything at all to do with centaurs and, for the decades before the advent of the Internet, the pickings were too darn slim. But in 1997 that all changed. I did my first search for centaur material online and, I am happy to say, there has been a steady stream of images and stories ever since.

MMORPGs feature centaurs, as do other PC games. Films like the Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia series feature centaurs. Books such as Rick Riordan’s “Percy Jackson and The Olympians” series feature centaurs. It is obvious I am no longer alone in my fascination with the four-legged studs. And, to my pleasure and surprise, I am not the sole centaur aficionado out there. Other guys love them, too.

I have had, since 2002, two separate group sites devoted to centaurs and now it is time for a turn at creating a blog devoted to them, too.

Centaurica will feature centaur-related media scavenged online. I will give credit and links to artists when it is possible. If something appears here that the original author doesn’t want featured I will, of course, remove it at once. I will also post You Tube videos and my personal musings on the subject of centaurs.

If you are a fan of these marvelous beasts and have things (links, book names, images, etc.) you would like to share, please feel free to contact me.

Thanks for checking out Centaurica. Please subscribe if you are so inclined. If you love centaurs even a quarter as much as I do, you won’t be disappointed with Centaurica.

Since the origin of this blog my life and the world have gone through many changes. It is only natural that Centaurica has changed, too. With the ending of my Blogger blog, Mythulinity (http://mythulinity.blogspot.com), I decided to turn Centaurica into a more inclusive place for manimals of all kind. The original purpose of this blog has now expanded to include a variety of half man/half beast beings such as nagas, angels, mermen, etc. The primary objective is still the same: Centaurs Rule! But now they have a vivid and diverse sea of companions who are in some ways at least like them: sexy, beautiful, and exciting. I hope you enjoy the addition of satyrs, werewolves, catmen and the like and will accept that Centaurica’s existence as a place purely designed for the love of centaurs is past and that the newly burgeoning blog is an improvement.

31 responses to “Why Centaurica?

  1. Kim

    Cool blog. Centaurs rank high on my list of favorite mythical creatures.

    Thought you might get a kick out of this guy…

    He’s a 70cm (over 2ft) Ball Jointed Resin Doll from Korea. The dolls are fully customizable; owners are able to paint the dolls and can even change the wig and eyes (the back of his head is removable).

  2. Kim

    Ok… That’s weird. Sorry.
    Here’s the link – http://souldoll.com/shop/step1.php?number=1678
    The company is called SoulDoll, and this doll’s sculpt name is Chiron.

    And a couple more limited edition dolls from a company called Soom.
    Epidos – http://www.dollsoom.com/eng/shop/item.php?it_id=1283141260
    Minette & Pyrol –

    I prefer the proportions of Chiron… but the detail, and jointing on Epidos is just beautiful.

    • Thanks for taking the time to correct the first link and add the others, Kim.

      These dolls are fascinating and beautifully made, if not of the kind I would be attracted to purchase.

      I have often found the Asian blurring of the sexes (males with female facial features and slight, willowy physiques) to be an interesting and somewhat unsettling occurrence. Especially, in regards to centaurs who have always appeared to be the embodiment of overt masculinity to me.

      I have to say that the idea of a unicorn centaur seems entirely too improbable to me. How the heck would such a creature ever be able to be intimate with another of its kind as far as kissing and being close eye-to-eye are concerned? Wouldn’t it become a sort of horn-to-horn confrontation? I suppose the concept is that in fantasy even the entirely illogical and hyper-impossible is allowed and proper. My thinking is just a bit too logical and honed toward a finer sense of probable physical engineering. I am very much of a centaur classicist.

      The two small centauric dolls are way too precious for my personal taste. They would be extremely expensive versions of My Little Pony. Still, I am pleased to see that people are able to create high quality artistic representations of my favorite mythical creatures. Alas, I may never have the resources to afford a custom made doll of this sort so I can only admire the images.

      Thanks again.

  3. Amazing article. I was checking constantly this blog and I’m quite impressed! Extremely helpful information specially the first part. I care for such info a lot. I was looking for this certain info for a very long time. Thank you and good luck.

  4. Nice. I dig centaurs as well. I was looking at different types not too long ago and ran across the centaurs featured in God of War II. I’m sure you’ve seen them. I liked these guys because they aren’t your typical pretty centaur. He’s much more brutish–more monster like. Its a different slant on the whole centaur idea, I thought.

    • If you check back through the posts here you will find the nasty brute centaurs of Gods of War and other games amongst the art work and video clips. I suppose, if you are warlike, being a big mighty armor-plated monster would definitely be an advantage. Those centaurs look like they think compassion and love are signs of pitiable weakness. They’d sooner trample you to death or slash out your intestines than look at you. These aren’t the kind of centaurs who tolerate humans. That being said, I do like some of the art work depicting their brutal natures.

  5. Mo Pandolfino

    Centurs once existed in Lumeria, very intelligent, led schools and aspects of teaching.
    Maybe you were there too or experienced life as one or carry soul memory.
    Thank you for a wonderful site.
    Long live the Centaurs

    • You might think that with all I have read about centaurs over the years I might have come across information about their existing in Lemuria. Yes, I have always felt a strong connection to the creatures, but I have usually felt it was only a strong fantasy that I might have been one in a past existence. It isn’t something I would admit to in mixed company.

      Thanks for the compliment and for commenting.

      Yes, long live centaurs, but I fear that long life isn’t on this plane. If centaurs had ever existed on Earth, the violent and fearful monkey men did an efficient job of annihilating them long, long ago.

    • Thank you, Anonymous, for bringing my attention to this blog, Enchanted Forest. I believe I’ve encountered it before but was frustrated by my inability to translate it. I’ve used translation software in the past with poor results. It is sort of like reading Asian translated assembly instructions but even less decipherable. I spent a good amount of time checking links to the images featured on Enchanted Forest and will be posting some new material here in the coming days. Thanks again!

  6. Hello.
    I m Fueledby
    I’m very happy you posted a lot of work and thank you very much ^ ^
    You have a very good selection of centaurs and would be an honor to collaborate
    I’m just an amateur but I like that someone will appreciate what I do ^ ^
    If you want more centaurs I include the link to my gallery ^ ^


    • Hello Fueledby,

      I posted one of your pieces and got a request from one of my readers to post more. Fortunately, I found your work at Deviant Art and was able to publish another piece with a link to your gallery. Thank you for writing. I wish my photomanipulations measured up to being as good as what you call the work of an “amateur”. Your work is both beautiful and realistic.

      I do have a not-so-hidden agenda, though I post many images of centauresses I have a bigger soft spot (so to speak) for male centaurs and would request that you try your hand at one or two in the future. Of course, I can’t demand your doing so. Especially, if you aren’t wired toward an appreciation of masculine pulchritude.

      I would be happy to publish a post devoted to more of your work from your DA gallery. I will add a featured link to your gallery on Centaurica.

      Keep creating beautiful centaurs I am sure I speak for my readers and as well as myself when I say we just can’t get too much fine centaur art.

      Centaureg AKA Greg

  7. Onan Mann

    Hi Greg,
    I have been wanting to tell you for a while that I very much enjoy receiving your weekly Centaurica digest. It is astounding that you are able to locate so much material to post each week!

    I keep stumbling into sites or artwork that I think you might like… Here is one:


    Steve, in Seattle

    • Thanks for writing, Steve. I love hearing from readers and few choose to write.

      I am familiar with the artist you forwarded the link to. I posted his “Happy Satyr” here and some of his other pieces on my other blog, Superversity. He does great stuff. Very sexy guys.

      Please feel free to forward links in the future. You never know when there might be one I’ve missed.

      Enjoy the beautiful weather before the rain comes again.


  8. jeff

    How can I contribute?

  9. Mark

    I love your site. I can’t say I’m attracted to centaurs per se, but they are very attractive figures. Fascinating and, lets be frank, extremely erotic. What boy or girl hasn’t looked at pictures of strutting centaurs, prancing fauns or Elves and, well, fantasised! LOL Fun.

    • Thanks for finding your way here, Mark. Surprisingly, though lots of people are highly attracted to mythical and fantasy figures, relatively few are bold enough to openly express their interest. Most are merely voyeurs. So it’s left up to a few brave souls to break the barriers and revel in the lusty and beautiful worlds of centaurs, satyrs, mers, minotaurs, wolfmen, etc. unabashedly.

      • Hi, Jonhayashi 1 here! It’s been awhile since I last visited your site. While I was enjoying the site’s artwork last night I could not find the “search” to type in the name of any artwork I wanted to look back at, including my own that you embedded to your site some time ago. Anyway I appreciate you listing my US channel on your list of sites that have centaur art! And I have a new animation called FANTASY REUNION that is the first 7min. on my featured player on Upload Society that ends with witch Marlena transforming herself into half horse in front Gerald Centaur to attract him! You might find it amusing and the transformation was inspired by the art of your site! So it’s a work in progress that I figure will be a complete line animation finnished later this year, 2014. It’s also on YouTube but that site is so messed up by GOOGLE’S changes! Hope to hear from you and thanks for your display of Centaur art including my own.

      • Hi Jon, It’s good to hear from you.
        I’ve never been able to search for art by name without going onto the ‘Dashboard: All Posts’ feature here. But that doesn’t help you. Sorry there is no proper way to find individual pieces of art on Centaurica. I find it very inconvenient and sympathize with your plight. (Maybe some loyal reader knows a way to alleviate this dilemma.)

        I will check out your new animation soon and post a link to it here. Since it is on YouTube that means I can post your WIP, too.

        Thanks for contacting me and you are welcome.


  10. jvb

    I have some centaur work. How can I contribute? Is there an email address?

  11. Just found your blog and LOVE it. Wish I’d found it earlier. Especially love the satyrs.

  12. Thanks again, Greg for embedding my FANTASY REUNION the first 7 min. to your site. Since it will take more time for me to finnish that one you might be interested in watching my BALDERS EGG, a 19 min. line animation video that has the same characters including Gerald Centaur. He and his friends help a clan of vikings get back the stolen Balder’s Egg, a jeweled egg sculpture made to honour the viking god of love Balder. Gerald shoots magic arrows at the harpies that stole the egg and shoots arrows at the pirate ship that tries to steal the egg for the witches who are also in FANTASY REUNION! I assume you did not see this one since you did not embedd it or mention it. So if you like it it would be nice if you would embedd it from YouTube since GOOGLE continues to mess up that site!Of all my hand drawn animated videos It has the most thumbs up on YouTube!

    • Hi Jon,
      I just posted “Balder’s Egg” to Centaurica. I don’t know how I missed the piece before. Well, now that oversight is rectified. Thanks for telling me about it.
      Keep well, Greg

  13. THANK YOU Greg! I thought you had missed it. Glad it’s now on your site! Everybody on Upload Society wishes You Tube would go back to the way it was in 2011! Thanks again!!

  14. My story is much the same as yours ^.^ I write about centaurs everyday but i also make dolls of them too.

    Would you like me to make you one?

    • Centaureg

      Well, thank you for the offer. Yes, of course, I would appreciate having a centaur doll as I collect all sorts of centaur figures. If this is intended as I gift I am all for it. Thank you. Greg

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