Centaurica Fiction: Coptaur: Chapter 5: Augie The Augmented

The following work is intended for adult audiences only. If you are under 18 please exit forthwith. This work features gay characters. If you are offended by material that includes gay erotic material please leave immediately.


Chapter 5: Augie The Augmented


Is the module ready for insertion?

 Yes, Sagi.

 And once this is accomplished will the AA Device be fully augmented and ready for shipment?

 Yes, Sagi.

 Good. Proceed.


A comet streaked across the afternoon sky of New Centauri.  Few were aware of its transit from the heavens. But many felt the body’s impact when the earth shook for an instant.

 Shay woke sensing that he had had dreams, but not being able to remember the nature of them. The cottage shook for but a second and he wondered if there were earthquakes on his new planetary home.  He also wondered if the taurfolk had spiritual explanations for the event since there was, no doubt, nothing like scientific enquiry on New Centauri.

The slight rattle jostled his memory of the brief time spent with Sagi in the white light room. The entity had made mention of magic being used here, but so far he had encountered none. But would he know the signs of magic use were he to encounter them? Probably not. He knew as much of magic as he had the delights of wooing lovers. He was a pure virgin in both regards.

He rose from his resting place and grabbed his stuff. He knew little of what would be about on his first day in Taur’s Prairie and wanted to be at least a little bit prepared for his own defense. In need of defense so soon? Well, what the heck were these “woodies” Cyrus spoke of as a menace and how did the locals protect themselves? Not well, he imagined, if they left their homes at any sign of danger from the forest dwellers.

It was hard for him to come to terms with the idea that centaurs needed protection from wily critters. Don’t we have a size and power advantage in such instances? One hoof pummeling a furry chest and surely the woodie would be down and out, right? Better to meet this thing or things head on then to fall victim to rampant speculation.

There was a loud rapping on his door.

 “Mr. Sundowner, Saur? Are ya awakened?”

 Shay swung the door open for Cyrus. ”Well, if I wasn’t awake I surely would be by the sound of your knuckles splintering door wood!” He laughed and gave the older taur his comeliest grin just in case the fellow couldn’t tell he was making fun with him.

“Oh, beg pardon, Saur.” Cyrus put on his best “aw, shucks” expression.  “Come along now.  Everytaur’s gathered in ta meeting hall. Ta taurfolk are anxious ta mee’ ya.  Tere’ll be lots o’ good vittles, too!” Cyrus wrapped his broad arm around Shay’s equally broad shoulders and gave them a squeeze.

Shay smiled wanly in return.

Though hours had passed, as far as Shay could tell, the sun’s light seemed to be in the same position it was in when he arrived in town. How long are the days here? Obviously longer than on Earth Plane. And what of the seasons? There must be seasons. Crops wouldn’t grow without seasons and the taurfolk have to grow crops.

He had so very many questions and there was no one to ask for answers. Shay must continue the ruse of being a native New Centaurian or who knew how the locals might respond.  He supposed the lack of ready answers was preferable to starting fresh by being born here. It would take many cycles, as Cyrus referred to years, to have an adequate knowledge of life in the young civilization and there was a reason why he’d been sent here fully incarnated. Though he wasn’t quite sure exactly what that reason was.

I guess I’ll just have to wait and see and be patient about discoveries. Still, his intuition made him aware that whatever the problem was with the woodsfolk it was best to get it resolved as rapidly as possible. Meanwhile, he would maintain a confident and sunny disposition. (Just thinking the word caused a distant whinny to sound inside him.) He owed that much to his new charges. Don’t eat their fear for dinner and don’t share any you might have, Shay.

 Ned and Sol had returned to the Woodsbrother’s meeting mound with news of their spying jaunt. Sol rang the bell with a stone clasped in his hand. In short order the brother’s filtered in from the surrounding woods. It took a bit longer for the elders to arrive and the eldest among them, Woodchuck by name, had yet to show. 

Another elder, Reamy, was the first to speak and he was none too pleased. It seems the bell ringing had interrupted his daily naptime and the last thing you wanted to do was disturb Reamy’s rest.

He was the youngest of the elders and the biggest of the lot. He had been devoid of any sense of humor since he lost his pleasuring abilities two cycles before. The herbshealer had failed to remedy his condition and Reamy had taken his misfortune out on those who still were healthy and as horny as ever.

“Wha’ estit wit’ ye young ones? Always clam’rin’ for attention, ye are. Caen’t a woodsbrother ever get his rest time in without some sort o’ commotion? This best be of importance or I will personally spank the both of ye!” Reamy grunted.

 There was a of tittering among the younger woodsbrothers that passed quickly. They all worked to maintain composure for none wanted to meet Reamy’s bad side.

“We’ve seen ‘im, we have!” Ned blurted out.

“Seen who, young Nedrick?” A rasping voice boomed out and the woodsbrother’s parted to let Elder Woodchuck through. Sol came forward and helped the old one up onto the meeting mound though Chuck fought him off and nearly fell in the process.

“When I‘m in need of ye help I’ll tell ye. Got it?” He whispered harshly in disdain. “Have ye got skunk cabbage blocking yer ears, Nedrick? I asked ye a question.”

“S-s-sol and me. We s-s-saw ta new fourleg protector, we did. We hert him spake, too!”

“And wha’ tof t’is new protector?” Reamy’s contempt for this business was plainly evident by his tone. He no more cared for the concerns with the fourlegs than he did for being wrested from his dreams of past days when he was potent and in demand.

“I’ll be ‘ciding the importance of t’is news if ye dona mind, Reamy.”  Chuck countered.

Sol wished that the elders would just get on with the meeting instead of putting each other in his place, but it was traditional for the older males to reassert themselves and there was no sense thinking it would change any time soon.

 “Sol”, Chuck rasped, now ignoring the stumbletongued Ned. “Tell us what ye determined.”

Sol took a deep breath and related all he had seen and heard. When he finished Ned chimed in, “He’s na wee ting like ta last one, no.”

“Makes na ne’er mind how big ta ting ist, he’ll fall ta me!” Reamy declared with a puffed up chest. Though this announcement caused amusement to some, none dared let it show. Reamy wasn’t just universally disliked; he was a frightening presence as well. It was best to never disturb him.

“So, they’ve brough’tin another protector. Well mark me words, we’ll make shart work o’ ‘im, we will. Gather roun’ and listen closely ye woodsbrothers. This is me plan.”

All fell into seated positions save Sol who stepped back into the shadows behind the meeting mound. Shite! To hael wit’ his plans, the old stumblehoofs. ‘Tis I who’ll make whate’re work ist ta be made o’ Mistah Soondooner and I’ll be doin’ it soon. Mark me words!


A dark figure appeared on the edge of Taur’s Prairie. He trotted with determination and purpose. The sun shone on his pure white garments and highlighted the contrast with his iron dark skin.

 The centaur strode into town and seeing none of the taur about stood his ground mid the main dirt street. He listened closely. A thin wire rose from behind his right ear. It pivoted in a circle until it paused pointing toward a large wooden building close to the end of the street.  The wire dropped down to its hiding place and the dark taur made for his destination. He smiled to himself and started whistling a tune. His instructions were to always be of a sunny, good disposition and act like the locals.


Shay had been positioned on the stage of the meeting hall facing the gathering of those he was sent to protect. He scanned the bright faces and sensed no fear whatsoever. A finer group of people he couldn’t recall seeing and the fact that these folk were all taurs made him think their sight even finer.

Every stallion, he couldn’t think of a better term to describe the males in his view, among them was clearly capable of holding his own and the dams or mares appeared to be as handsome a group of females as he would have hoped. He could clearly tell he was matching their appreciative eyes as well and that might cause immediate concern if he didn’t stay focused. Shay enjoyed his new strong form, but a good part of his power resided in his loins and that part wasn’t likely to have him forget its needs.

“Calm now, folks!” Cyrus intoned with some seriousness despite the light in his brown eyes and the smile he could barely contain. “ I am so proud ta introduce ya all to our new constable, Mr. Seamus Sun . . . “

At the back of the hall the great wooden doors swung inward and in stepped the dark figure whistling. All heads turned to face him. All eyes lighted on his fine form.

“Who might t’is be?” Cyrus whispered to Shay.

“I’ve no idea.” Shay responded with considerable curiosity.

 The dark taur walked down the center aisle as if not a soul was eyeing him. Whistling all the way. He stopped at the lip of the stage and looked directly at Shay.

 Shay immediately felt a mixture of discomfort and incredible attraction. He was about to unleash that power he feared would overtake him and cause him great embarrassment.

 “Am I addressing Constable Sundowner?” The dark taur asked in his friendliest manner.

 “Yae, ya are, Saur, but we’re in ta middle o’ a meeting here. Wha’ tis yer business?” Cyrus had taken charge and it was just as well because Shay felt a bit tongue tied in the presence of such a beauty. He had to remind himself to get his mind off of this sudden attraction and onto his role here.

 “I’m Constable Sundowner. Who are you and what do you want of me?”

Shay made a strong effort to appear forceful and confident. After all weren’t those attributes part of the qualities of a good constable?

“Please to meet you, Saur. I am Augustus Everclear, your new assistant constable.” The dark taur gave Shay his best smile and Shay’s front knees almost buckled.

The entire crowd gasped at the new taur’s announcement.

 “Assistant? I’ve nay heard of an assistant constable! “ Cyrus responded in a bit of flustered consternation. “Da ya have papers statin’ as such, Saur?”

Shay realized if he didn’t immediately seize control of the meeting he would have great difficulty persuading the townsfolk to pay attention to him.  “Yes, of course Mr. Everclear. I am glad to see you, but you weren’t expected for another . . . “ He wasn‘t sure what the word for week was among the New Centaurians as he lied about expecting this assistant.

 “It was felt you could use my services right away. So here I am, Saur.”

 Shay sighed inwardly relieved that Augustus Everclear was as good a liar as he was finding himself to be.

 Again Cyrus took over. “It appears we ar’ dubbly blessed. Two fine constables.”  He winked brazenly at the dark taur and Shay felt instantly miffed.

 “For the length of the meeting, Assistant Constable Everclear, would you be so good as to stand at the back of hall and watch the door. Thank You. Now where were we before we were so pleasantly interrupted? Ah yes, you are no doubt well aware at this point that I am Seamus Sundowner, your new constable. I am completely at your disposal, but first let us take a break for a short while and upon our return I will be pleased to address any concerns you may have. Thank You. I am very pleased to be here and to call Taur’s Prairie home. I don’t believe I’ve been to a more beautiful place on New Centaurian.”

 Shay felt he was getting a little too good with lies. What was next? Bold exaggeration? Truth was Taur’s Prairie was the only place he’d been to on the small planet. So it could easily be the most beautiful place, too.

 The crowd cheered and applauded loudly while the stallions pounded the floor with their hoofs. Shay thought the building might collapse if the noise and tumult continued. Soon enough Cyrus made a gesture with his hands and the crowd dispersed.

 “Have you got any more big surprises for me today, Sagi.” Shay mumbled under his breath.

 A familiar voice answered in Shay’s head. That’s it for the time being and you’re welcome, Constable.  And there was that whinny again.

Shay felt he was close to developing a serious case of performance anxiety and he hadn’t even started the job.

 Then he approached the gorgeous creature known as Assistant Constable Everclear. “Let’s step outside, shall we?” Shay motioned for Augustus to follow. Augustus continued smiling as if he knew but one mode.

 “Okay. Why are you really here, Mistaur, and why are you stealing my thunder? This better be good.”


Copyright 2012 by G. W. German. All Rights Reserved. No part of this work may be copied or republished without the express permission of the author.


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