Centaurica Fiction: Coptaur: Chapter 7: Eyes and Ears Wide Open

WARNING: This work of homoerotic fiction is intended for people over 18 years of age. If you are either underage or find homoerotic material offensive please leave this page at once.


Chapter 7: Eyes and Ears Wide Open


 Shay and Augie had made it through their introduction to the concerned citizens of Taur’s Prairie and it was plainly evident there was a lot they were concerned with. Now came the tough part, winning the support of strangers.

 “What are you going to do ‘bout them woodies, Constable? How fast can you do it? We need to get back into a regular routine and you need to make that happen.” The speaker was a stocky young stallion whose voice was a mixture of diffidence and anger. Shay got the impression this was one hotheaded taur who wouldn’t be placated with golden-tongued evasions and grandiloquence. He also sensed that the guy had taken it upon himself to speak for everyone in attendance, so he cut to the chase.

 “I won’t make a bunch of lame excuses, but I will tell you the truth. Until today I had not heard a thing of these woodsfolk and your difficulties with them. As it stands I still know next to nothing about them. I need your help because I can’t solve a problem until I know all the circumstances around the problem. It would be a miracle for me to solve this nasty situation without being clued in first. I don’t work miracles.

What I am able to do is get to work on this problem and help it to disappear but, since it is a long standing problem, that tells me that even the smart taurfolks of Taur’s Prairie are stumped as to how to solve it. I don’t want anyone here to have unrealistic expectations and I certainly won’t be pressured into acting rashly or into executing plans that are doomed to failure because I didn’t have the time to think them through. I hope you are all clear on those facts.”

I intend to work to the best of my abilities, but I can’t afford to have taurs working against me who think they know better and refuse to fill me in on why they feel that way. If this was an easy situation to solve I would suspect one of you would have already solved it. I need to get my bearings before I trudge off into the woods to encounter creatures I only have some sketchy hearsay about. Fools rush in . . .”

 Shay almost felt he had encountered his first magic after listening to himself speak. The confidence and forthright nature of his speech was amazing to him. He’d have never expected to have such stalwart character. But slapping himself on the back wasn’t going to get anything worked out. If he was going to instill confidence in these taurs he had to start immediately.

 “Your name, good saur?” 

 ‘Oh, me? Pellion Twaine. Taurfolks call me Pell.”

 “Well, if I might be so bold, Pell, you seem like a bright fellow and I need taurfolk such as yourself to be my eyes and ears. I will be counting on you to be a deputy of sorts and to behave as a trusted aid.”

 On hearing this Pell appeared to puff up a little bit and Shay felt certain he had found an ally. The question on his mind was how to harness such a fellow’s energy before it ran off amok and caused everytaur problems.

“Everytaur who has common sense and believes they have anything of value to add to this cause needs to come forward. It is one thing to complain about how things stand. It is quite another to work to make things change. Complainers aren’t welcome at the constabulary. Workers are.”

 There was scattered applause at first but soon enough with Cyrus’ help the hall broke into another set of hollers and floor-busting stomps. One thing could be said for these taurs: they did not lack enthusiasm.

 “And fine speech tha’ twere, Mistaur Sundowner.” Cyrus again took control of the meeting, but Shay had to defer to the older taur. After all, he was a long-standing citizen of some repute here and Shay had only arrived on the scene hours before.  “Ya folks heard the Constable. If you have sometin’ wert’ sharin’, please da sa. If no’, let the taur ge’ on wit’ his bisnes. Now who is up far some good vittles?”

 A chorus of ayes erupted and the group moved out to a side hall where large wooden tables were covered with so much food it looked like a wedding feast for five hundred.

 Cyrus wrapped his meaty arm around Shay’s shoulder as was becoming his custom. “Ya put young Pell in his place, ya did. He’s a wild one. Always has been. But he’ll come round ifin’ ya can show him his worth. I’ll be happy ta help ya any way I can, Saur.” Wink.

 Shay’s past was as brief and hollow as Dare and Sunny’s had been lengthy with vivid detail. He sensed that neither dare nor Sunny had ever had a real sex life and here he was newly incarnated in a form that was built for sexual expression. One that had captivated Cyrus to such a degree he felt certain there was going to be some playing out of all the flagrant flirting in the very near future. Where he found himself to be a veritable font of confidence as the new constable, he also found he was as green as the dew-covered spring grass about relationships.

 Just as these thoughts were concerning him Augie approached and Shay realized something he hadn’t quite taken in before. Augie had been created to be everything Shay needed. He was more than just an assistant. He was a walking data bank programmed to inform Shay of answers to how to survive and more on New Centaurian. Just using Augie, his “computaur”, could assuage whatever trepidation he had about learning sexual proficiency. He wouldn’t feel uneasy about asking an android for this kind of assistance. That was what the android was for. Then, like a rocket of clear comprehension shooting through his brain, Shay realized something even more important. Augie could do more than answers questions. He could do more than show Shay about taur sex. Why, if the android was programmed the way Shay thought he was, Augie would be an invaluable instructor, too. He laughed to himself when he recognized that such a huge and beautiful representation of taurhood was his ultimate sex toy.

The evenings are going to be very interesting in the constabulary from now on. Shay smiled to himself and walked off to “put on the feed bag”, just like that. It was true he’d be earning his keep from this moment forward, but the least the taurfolk owed him was a good meal after his long journey. Even if it was what he understood to be the local’s concept of vegan cuisine. There were some facets of being taur that would be more difficult to adjust to than others.


Copyright 2012 by G. W. German. All Rights Reserved.

No part of this work may be reprinted or copied online or elsewhere without the express permission of the author.






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