Centaurica Fiction: Coptaur: Chapter 9: A Lil’ Bit O’ Magic Goes A Long Way

This work of gay fantasy fiction is intended for adult readers only. If you are either under 18 years of age or find gay material offensive, please leave this page immediately.

Chapter 9: A Lil‘ Bit O’ Magic Goes A Long Way

 “Are ye certain, Nedrick?”

 “Yea, verra certain. I heard evrah word o’ it, Elder.”

 Ned’s pride had puffed him up a bit. He was so happy to be of what he felt was important service that he found himself speaking more confidently than usual.  He’d spent hours hiding out and listening in on the new taur constable and his second talking.  Yep, he was mighty proud of his stealthy spy work and all he’d learned.

 “ ‘Tis good work on ye part, Nedrick. Now leave me for a bit while I ponder our next bit o’ action.”

Elder Woodchuck had seen better times but he wasn’t stupid. He was certain that when something seemed too good to be true then it usually was. This latest new of the taurs was entirely too contrived for his liking. Nedrick was just the lad to swallow the whole line down to the hook and not know he’d been caught.  Still, he didn’t want to crush the spirit of his well-intentioned young spy so he kept his doubts to himself and sought out his spell casting scrolls.

“Let us take a closer look ta this too sweet story.” Chuck found the scrying spell and locating a bottle of his best Portal Brew poured the contents into a wooden saucer. A few properly chosen words later, a vision appeared floating over the saucer in a faint mist. 

 “Ay, there ye be.” Chuck paid close attention to every nuance of the vision. He read the body language of the two taurs as they whispered to each other. A few carefully intoned words and the volume of the hushed conversation increased.

 “So, the way I see it, Augie, is we need to play a little game with that woodie spy over yonder. He needs to believe that what he hears is the way things are and what we are planning is something he can take back to his superiors and report as if it is entirely true. Right?”

 “Precisely. But what faux plan do you wish to use against his cunning, Shay?”

 Chuck leaned in closer to the vision and was about to hear the truth behind the taur’s lies when Ned stumbled into his chamber, broke his focus, and with its loss the vision’s mist evaporated.

 Chuck heaved a great sigh of resignation. It was of little use venting upon the simpleminded Nedrick.  “What ist it that causes ye to break my spell, Young One? I hope it be verra important.”

 “Beg Pardon Elder. Sol has returned with the Mage in tow. The Mage has asked ta see ye.”

 “The Mage?” With so many mages running about these days Chuck wasn’t certain which one Ned referred to.

 “Yes, Elder. The Mage Elmardin. He ist here now. He wants ta see ye . . .  now . . . here.” The confidence that Ned portrayed earlier was now as lost as Chuck’s vision.

  Ah, that mage. The most worthy of fuckin’ one. “Bring him in then.”

 Ned stood staring at Chuck as if the Elder spoke in a foreign tongue. He was caught in a daydream of having his way with the beauteous Elmardin.

 “Young One, escort the Mage to me. Here. Now.” Chuck shook his head and sighed again. What will our future hold ift this ist our best offering?

 Sol entered the chamber. “Elder Woodchuck . . . “

 “For goodness sake, is there no one here who follows instructions? Where ist Elmardin? I asked to have the Mage brought ta me. Not ye. Escort him in and then wait outside. I will address your concerns later. Understood?”

 If Sol had bristles on his back they would have stood straight up. Someday soon he would be treated with the proper respect he was due and this old fossil would be food for the flowers. He nodded to his Elder and withdrew from the chamber.

 “Ned! What in ta name of Megansi’s member have ye done ta rile ta old goat? He’s inna right foul mood. “

 “Perhaps I should come at another time, Sol.” A handsome young woodie spoke. He was taller than any other woodie and the fur on his head and haunches was a striking reddish blonde where most woodies were of chestnut coloring.

 “No, Elmardin. Not ta worry. Elder woodchuck will see ye now. He ist always glad ta renew your acquaintance.”

 If Chuck became aware that Elmardin wasn’t as he appeared he might very well not wish to resume any acquaintance with him. Sol marveled at Elmardin’s ability to shift shape. If he hadn’t known his centaur lover wasn’t actually such a splendid woodie he’d have never been able to tell the mage was in disguise. 

 “Ah, Mage Elmardin, ta what da I owe this pleasure? It hast been quite ta long while since last we both spoke. I trust ye are well.”

 The woodies gave half bows to each other and pressed palms together in greeting. “I am quite well, thank ye. I am pleased to see that it appears you are also well. But let us put the cordialities aside for the moment. I hear we have a new Taur constable to deal with and that he has a second as well. It is time we laid plans to rid ourselves of these pests once and for all. We of the Forest of Drappil can no longer show even slight acceptance of their presence. They mean us all ill and will soon enough try to steal our lands and route us from our sacred groves. I have the means to do short work of them. Ye need only ask . . . “

 Chuck was genuinely shocked by what he’d heard. Was the mage promising to kill the centaurs? He tried to maintain a stoic expression, but inside him small wheels began turning; Wheels of fear.


Shay had been suppressing his outrageous libido since he found himself occupying taur form. He was quite aware that beneath him was a staff that had more than made it sizable presence known. All those earth plane jokes about cocks having minds of their own seemed half true regarding this member. To Shay the organ felt like a third leg and it was demanding attention. All his willpower would soon float off on the winds and then where would he be? Jerking the thing in public? He wasn’t sure what proper sexual decorum was amongst the taurs. He might very well find that other males were willing to rapidly come to his aid if they could join him in a bit of sex play. Or, on the other hand, he might discover that open exhibitions of sexuality were frowned on and would not sit well with the taurfolk who had high expectations of their new constable. He needed to know what expectations his employers had and, fortunately, Sagi had provided him with a brilliant tool and, since said tool was at his disposal, he meant to use it.

 “Augie, please lock up the constabulary and join me in our quarters.”

 The new constable realized that the taurfolk believed he was as at their disposal as he believed his android assistant Augie was at his. He had gone to the length of creating a small visual sign that he hoped adequately expressed  “Do Not Disturb!”. He couldn’t be certain that Cyrus or Pell wouldn’t just barge in at any moment and disrupt the intimate lesson Shay intended to learn from Augie.

Then it dawned on Shay that Augie’s android senses were so fine he would be able to intercept any such improper incursion from the ignorant taurfolk and he stopped worrying. Now to set the proper mood.

 When Augie stepped into the Constable’s quarters he found the air scented with a musky perfume and the room lit only by one half lit oil lamp.

 “Is this what you believe to be romantic, Shay?” Augie asked with the detachment of a clinician.

 “Why, yes it is.” Shay chuckled softly. “I am pleased to see you programming allows you to understand the concept of romance. I would appreciate it if you would perform as if you are as capable of experiencing a romantic mood as I am.”

 “I will do my best to match your emotions, Shay. I only wish to please.”

 “Great. That puts us into the same frame of mind.  This is virgin territory for me, so to speak, and I need your good graces and considerable knowledge to become adept in romance and sexual pleasure. Shall we begin?”

“Where shall we start, Shay?”

 The inexperienced taur leant closer to his assistant’s face and then dived into the first prolonged face-sucking competition he’d ever entered. Within a mere second his staff was diamond hard and straining to take control. His respiration increased as he felt amazement that the android was so lifelike it was as if he were kissing a real taur and he soon began to forget the fact he wasn’t.

 Shay had longed for this moment as long as his memory of Dare made him yearn. The memory of his former self flooded into him and immediately felt relief and an emotional release so strong it made him swoon.  Dare had always imagined that being with another guy was as good as it got for a gay human, but being with Augie made that imagined situation seem almost pale and lackluster by comparison.

There was a lusty vigor in his centaur body that catapulted his entire being into communion with this perfect taur creation. He wanted Augie more than anything or anyone he’d ever desired before and he wanted Augie to want him with the same fervent passion.

As if reading Shay’s mind, Augie began exhibiting a response to his taur partner that belied his android making. The programming worked incredibly well and, surprisingly, he felt a degree of emotion he had believed he was incapable of experiencing. He wanted Shay the very same way Shay had desire for him. Am I capable of real love? He put the question behind him and entered into the rhapsody of real communion with Shay. Android or not he was set on knowing all there was to know of taur sexuality and how to best pleasure his live partner.

 From that realization forward the evening progressed beyond what either the real taur or his android lover had believed possible. By morning Shay knew his first all-consuming love and had concern of how to be completely professional that day.

 Augie couldn’t wipe the smile from his face nor did he desire to. For the first time since his programming went into effect he began to have doubts about being totally android and rather than being disturbed by this occurrence he looked over to Shay and felt something akin to heartfelt love dwelling inside his mechanical body. It didn’t seem to make the slightest bit of difference that he wasn’t equipped with a heart. As long as his eyes, mouth, skin, and sexual organs were able to respond in kind to the love he received from Shay then that is where the essence of his heartfelt emotion would be, too.

 Shay at last understood what it was to be a fully functional taur and why that was the best thing he could experience. As he lost himself in this reverie the loud pounding of a taur fist on his front door suddenly intruded. So much for that sign’s effectiveness.

 “Ay, Good morning Saur. I’m sorry ta disturb ye but . . .”

 So began another day in Taur’s Prairie for the constable. Little did Cyrus suspect that the taur standing before him had just lost his virginity. Though he would have been happy to hear it as he still had his sights set on seducing the fine young stallion.

Copyright 2012 by G. W. German. All Rights Reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced in any manner without the prior consent of the author.

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