Centaurica Fiction: Coptaur: Chapter 1: In The Blinking Of A Blinded Eye

The following fiction is meant for readers who are 18 years old or older. The content is of an adult nature and deals with male-to-male homosexual subject matter.

If you are either under the of 18 or are offended by material that doesn’t reflect your narrow mindset, please leave this page immediately.

All content is original to the author and any material or characters that appear familiar are so by pure coincidence and not intended to show real individuals, circumstances, or situations.

This is a work of fantasy and should be read as such.


Chapter 1: In The Blinking of A Blinded Eye

Am I dead?

Turn. Come towards the light. Your business on Earth Plane has ended. Come.

 He does as he’s told. Turning he sees a brilliant golden white light and speeds toward it. Entering the light he is catapulted forward in what he imagines it might be like to be sucked through a wormhole in deep space.

 As fast as he has traveled he comes to an abrupt halt and finds himself arriving in what appears to be a white room with glowing white walls, floor and ceiling. The room appears to have been constructed out of the same material he just traveled through. There is nothing akin to form in the room. It is only a defined space without feature or furnishings. All he has to go on is a subtle feeling moving over what must be his now unsubstantiated being.

Why am I here? What did I do to end up here? I need to go back! Let me return!  He screams, as if screaming in panic will alter his situation.

Be calm, please.  The voice is as calm as the calm it seeks from him. I recognize it was a very abrupt departure for you, but there is no opportunity for your return. Your body can no longer hold your soul. The vessel is permanently broken. These things happen. It is part of being on Earth Plane. Your demise was not a planned event. It just is what it is and now you must accept having no corporeal form. Trust me, you will adjust. This is a temporary condition.

Where are you? Why can’t I see you? He starts to sob uncontrollably.

Ah, I am sorry. I haven’t been very comforting, have I? My name is Sagi. I have been assigned to you. I am your guide. I am not a guardian angel or a holy being of any sort. I am what you might call a recruiter.

A recruiter? What the . . .? Is this a dream? This must be a dream? I’m going to wake up in a minute. I will wake up. Wake up, Dare!

Alas, you will be waking soon, but not to the life of Dare McCusik. Sagi reassures him that everything has changed. That life has passed. You see,  I am very familiar with you, Darius McCusik. I know all about your life on Earth Plane and what you experienced there. I know every last detail, the important and the trivial. I have been shown it all and that is why I am here now.

Oh fuck! Dare can’t believe any of what is happening. He works to rationalize the situation in his mind. I must be going bat shit crazy. That must be it. I’ve finally worked myself into a state of complete insanity. All that dedicated work and I’m rewarded with snapping. Just like that I’ve become totally unhinged. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. He cries in self-pity.

Be calm. Please, be very calm. If you pay attention to my voice, if you focus on its sound I will appear for you. But you must be calm and focused. Understand?  You aren’t crazy. You’ve just returned to spirit form. We are in spiritual being now. Be calm and let your being truly see. I am here. See me.

I’m not crazy? It sure as fuck feels like I am!

Calm yourself. Feel my presence. Feel my calm and see me. See me.

Dare began to sense Sagi’s aura. It is blue and golden and radiates out in a large shape that doesn’t seem at all human to him. More like an animal of some sort . . . more like a cow or, he begins to see the form more clearly, a horse. A talking horse? The shape becomes more refined, more substantial, but is still merely a ghostly outline.

 What’s this? Sagi isn’t a horse! He’s a centaur! Or the outline of one anyway. There is no face yet . . . but he can sense Sagi despite not seeing a clear presence. And Sagi is beautiful.

 Ah, good. Do not be afraid. There is a reason why you see me in this form and not because this is what I truly am. You see me as centaur because I need to be so to guide you. Soon we will travel to your new life, to the place where you will be. Where you will occupy corporeal form again and you won’t be as you were on Earth Plane. You will be similar but vastly different as well. Like what you see before you.

Huh? What are you going on about? Dare can’t help but be confused. All the information has come hurtling at him like a red-hot comet searing his brain. It is too much to fathom and he feels as if he will faint at any second. One more piece of crazy news and that will be it, down and out. Just like that.

I am as a centaur because that is the form I’ve been sent to recruit you for.

No! Was this all something out of disturbing nightmare? You can’t be serious. Centaurs don’t exist. They’re mythical. How could a man horse possibly exist? They’re just fantastic monsters. They aren’t real. Stop playing with my mind!

Look closely at me. Focus. What do you see?

I see a . . .  He didn’t want to accept the image before him was in any way real or alive or tangible. I see a . . . oh, shit! Alright, I admit it. I see a centaur. You look like a damned centaur!

 Focus more so you can see all my attributes: my size, coloring, my very being. Focus on this image before you and see. See.

 Dare looked into the outline and it began to take truer form. It began to become real or more real than it had been. The shape filled out like it was being painted into existence before him. He still couldn’t see a face.

 Yet, Sagi The Centaur was quite tall. His bronzed torso was incredibly muscular and looked powerfully strong. It was the kind of torso most guys would sell their souls to possess. There was dark hair across the large pectorals and on the forearms. Hair continued down in a trail across very clearly defined abdominal muscles; an eight pack.

The centaur had major guns with biceps that peaked even when they were relaxed and, with the added heft of extremely developed triceps, the arms were thicker and wider across than Dare’s upper legs ever hoped to be. His shoulders were broad and he had well-developed traps and neck muscles. There was a trimmed black beard on the handsome jaw, but above that the image continued to be fuzzy and indistinct.

One thing was immediately clear to Dare. Sagi was no ordinary centaur. He was an “ubercentaur”, a perfect specimen and this made Dare a bit suspicious. A moment before he had sworn there was no such thing and now he was seeing an example of centaurhood so awesome he couldn’t accept it as having any reality.

His eyes left the mesmerizing torso and moved across the trunk and hind. Sunny? Sagi’s rear, his horse parts looked exactly like Sunny to Dare. This was quite unnerving. Had Sunny died, too? Dare wasn’t clear about what had caused him to die. He remembered flying through the air and hitting the sidewalk, but he didn’t see what made that happen. The sun had blinded him before he was killed.

This was all so confusing and so much like a dream it was hard to maintain focus and recognize what he was actually seeing. And how was it he was seeing anyway? If his body was toast, what eyes could he be using?

The more he looked at Sagi, the more he was convinced that Sagi had made himself look this way to make Dare more comfortable with the idea of a centaur. It wasn’t that Dare had ever found such mythical beings ugly or repulsive. What little he knew about them was that they were very crude and rowdy creatures. Centaurs always got in trouble because they couldn’t control their bestial urges. “Unbridled “ seemed an apt description.

Dare looked closer at the part of the centaur that most intrigued him. The part most guys were obsessed with. And, as if he had given the centaur’s phallus a command, it burst out of its sheath and appeared fully erect. Well, Dare mused, centaurs are definitely hung like horses. Or at least Sagi had made himself out to be hung like a horse. It was an impressive piece of equipment; an organ that would make any guy proud.

He immediately realized that if his fantasy human body had been joined to that of his horse Sunny’s trunk and hind it would look exactly like how Sagi now appeared. It was at that realization that the centaur’s face finally filled in. The face was exactly how Dare imagined his perfect guy would look. It was the kind of face he had always wanted to own, handsome and manly. He was a vision of idealized masculinity. So ideal he seemed even more unreal and this realization made Dare even more uncomfortable. He felt like he was being toyed with.

Toyed with, Dare? Yes, you are wise to realize that what I am showing you is not any ordinary centaur. But I appear this way not to toy with you. Instead, it is to show you that, should you choose this form as your own, this is exactly how you will appear: Young, healthy, strong and handsome. As close to perfection as your own thoughts and desires can manifest. Your being this centaur is but a continuation of your former life on Earth Plane. There you mounted a horse to do your work and in this next life you will have an equine form to fulfill your purpose. Yes, different indeed, but remarkably the same.

Being alive on Earth Plane meant accepting a body that you grew up in. It wasn’t a form you had any initial control over. You had to accept its limitations and make the best of it. But your new life is one where, yes, the creature you will become is an assignment but, no, his being is not without your consideration and creation. To become a centaur you will, through your desires, chose the model you are housed in. Its form will best represent how you wish to be and to see your being. Understand?

Dare had to let this last information sink in. So Sagi The Centaur was more his creation than Sagi’s? How could this be so? He’d never imagined being a centaur before. But he had imagined being a really handsome and well-built muscle man. And he had admired Sunny many a time. Sunny was a beautiful horse. He was proud the animal was his work partner. Sorrow swept over him at the idea that he would never see Sunny again. He would never ride or groom him or share an apple or sugar cube with the fine gelding. He had been ripped asunder from their life together and Sunny was probably gone, too. It hurt Dare to think of Sunny’s passing.

At that sorrow Dare thought he heard a familiar snicker. Was his mind playing tricks on him? He felt a nudging at his back. Wait a minute. I don’t have a back anymore. But he felt the pressure on his back just the same. He turned his attention to find Sunny standing behind him. The handsome animal bobbed his head and bared his teeth in the way he did when Dare was sure he was happy. His eyes were bright.

Sundowner is a very romantic name for a police horse don’t you think, Dare?

Sagi The Centaur spoke aloud and Dare found it almost too dreamlike to take in. The perfect centaur’s voice was deep and resonant and as soothing as creaming into velvet. This was one more feature that made him swoon, but still continue to fill his mind with questions. Where’s the catch? There is definitely something off about this whole show. Then, as if he was being prompted by Sunny, he came back to the question at hand.

His name was Sundowner on his paperwork, but he’s always been Sunny to me. Sunny, just like in that old song. It fits his disposition perfectly . . . or it did. I’ve always envied his sweet nature. Funny, though, none of the other guys at the station find him to be so sweet. He is definitely a one-man horse.

And he will continue to be so. Sunny is here to help you in your transition. You see, Dare, Sunny is the necessary ingredient in your becoming fully centaur. Once you are joined together you will become one being. You will share your best qualities as well as your worst flaws. Though I dare say Sunny is getting the lesser deal. But he is quite aware of what is about to become so and has agreed to complete your centaurhood. If you didn’t know before, now you do. Sunny loves you and cannot imagine a greater thing than to be a part of your being and your life. If he had declined then I am not certain what would have become of you.

My guidance is reserved for those who choose to become inhabitants of the planet New Centauri, a most unusual planet that is inhabited by beings that are but legends and myths on Earth Plane. Humans do not inhabit the planet. No being like apes do. New Centauri is home for those who use magic. It is a place that could only be thought of us as fantasy to humans, a place where dreams can become substantiated and it is in distinct need of new inhabitants, new magicians.

I am not saying the planet is perfect or free from concerns. It is quite different from your former home and you will have to adjust to that difference. There are no technological advancements; none as you have known are available on New Centauri. The planet is extremely primitive. It has only been inhabited by conscious beings for less than two millennia. The inhabitants aren’t all as sophisticated as you are. New Centauri needs smart volunteers like you.

Volunteers! Dare didn’t feel there was anything voluntary to this whole become-a-centaur thing. You make it sound like I’m signing up for the Peace Corps. If it is so primitive why do I have to go there? Isn’t there someplace more suitable for a guy from 21st Century Earth? Why does all this sound like some fairy tale fabrication? You’re telling me that, not only will I become a spectacular stud centaur created from a combination of my horse and me, but I’ll be a magician, too. You know what they say, when something sounds too good to be true, then it is. And this all sounds wildly improbable and way too good and cool to be happening and . . . SATAN GET THEE BEHIND ME!!

 Sagi broke into a loud series of guffaws and held his hand against his side as he rocked with laughter.  Excellent! That was truly inspired, Dare. Especially, for a guy who thinks of himself as an atheist. As good a test as any I suppose. As I said before, I am neither an angel nor a holy spirit. Nor am I a devil or demon. Those words have no more effect upon me than “Attention K-Mart Shoppers!” would.

 I guess for you even seeing isn’t believing.

 What say you take a test drive?


This work is Copyright 2012 by G. W. German. All rights reserved. Do not republish without the express permission of the author.


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