Centaurica Fiction

Art by Centaureg

Centaurica Fiction is just what it says: a page devoted to mostly original fiction written by this blog’s founder, Centaureg AKA Greg.

The material I write is adult in nature, but not really pornographic. As I tend to be a romantic wrapped up in a cynical worldview the fiction will align to that skew.

I will also be searching for interesting centaur related fiction online and may, at some future date, accept submissions.

My experience with web groups and blogs is that most people are voyeurs and not contributors. So I would be surprised if any one else ventures forth to contribute material.

I would appreciate positive feedback from anyone who reads the fiction. Comments are always welcome. It is hard gauging an audience’s response without communication.

I hope this is the beginning of something of value here at Centaurica.

Please go to Centaurica Links: Centaurica Fiction for all entries.


2 responses to “Centaurica Fiction

  1. triggerkentavros

    Thank you for your welcome Centaureg for a refuge and for the desire to provide home to those like us. It’s good to feel safe as Mount Pelion!

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